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@gizmogal wrote:

Good ideas to make me a cat mom again!


I’ll be ready to adopt after the summer. I’m down, but not out. When it gets cool in the fall and I’m indoors a lot more, I’ll bring one or two cats home from the shelter and fill my heart by giving forever love and good care. Bonding is better when I’m home to build the relationship.  I still have courage to take it on for mutual good. Love conquers pain of loss. 


For now I’ll enjoy more outdoor time, not worry about pet care if I take a few days away, and recover from the jolt. I’m keeping the bowls, the running water fountain he loved, and cleaned up litter boxes. New cats to rescue, new fun, new memories to build. Soonish.


Here’s Arrow as I’ll keep him cherished. You’ve been wonderful help, everyone. 




He was beautiful. You can almost feel how soft his fur was in this picture. You wrote so eloquently about him and also Cupid. I'm so glad that you were brave and let him go before his condition became unbearable. That was your final gift of love. I'm so sad for you and hope you will find some comfort knowing we care. I said a prayer for you and am sending you cyber hugs.

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@gizmogalBless your heart.  It's terribly hard to lose a fur baby.  Just hold on to the memories, look over your treasured pictures, and take the ever so tiny steps to go forward.  They both will live in your memory.


We lost our big boy in October.  We loved him SO much!  We have the little one now, but we will always love the big one too.


I have all the lost animals and beloved pets living in a large beautiful forest in heaven in my mind.  

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@gizmogalI'm sorry you lost your Arrow today.  It will be a quiet house tonight.  You gave Arrow a loving home for all his life and helped him to rest when he no longer had strength.  Arrow and Cupid are together again.  Take the days of summer for yourself and remember your kittys,  when the seasons change you may find in your heart it will be time to welcome a new fur friend.  I'm sorry for your loss.

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@gizmogal, I am so sorry.  One of your sentences said it all.  We never want to give them up, and we also wonder if we could have kept them alive another week, day, or hour.  I've been through it so many times,  I can't count them all. 


Just know that your love filled him for all those years, and he wasn't in a good, healthy place anymore, so you did what needed to be done.


Please know that there are many, many of us who feel your pain.  Truly feel it, because we have been there, and we know that your heart is breaking.


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Count me in with all the others who have lost beloved pet children.  It's so very hard, but even though it hurts like heck, I'd do it again and again because the joy, companionship and unconditional love our furbabies give us makes it worth the pain!  What is that old saying "Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" true!


You will have Arrow in your mind and heart always, and he felt loved, just as you felt loved by him.  And you gave him a gift by letting him go, even though it was so very hard...he is at peace now!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your sweet picture of him....he was a beautiful boy and you were a beautiful and caring mom to him!  Take good care! XO


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@gizmogal, my eyes are filled with tears.  I've gone through this several times too.  You know you gave him a good life.  17 years is very good.  You are blessed for having had him a long time, you know he loves you.

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@gizmogal. I’m so sorry for your loss. When we take on the responsibility of caring for our pet and loving them dearly, we also know the inevitable of them moving on without us. Take your time to grieve. The sun will shine again for you soon.




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I am so very sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful friend, pal, companion, family member.


I have no doubt you did the right thing. He had a good, long life (thanks to you) but his time had come, you saved him from suffering.


Please take comfort he is in Kitty Heaven with his pal & you will all be together again one day - I truly believe that.


Hugs & prayers of comfort.

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Re: Need comforting today

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Yesterday as I walked across the field to the woods, I cried thinking how much I missed my Cooper cat.  He would always run through the field with me -- full of joy and life.


I had to let him go over two years ago.   You never forget them.  In two years I lost 4 of my 5 boys.  Only one dear senior boy is still with me.  


Arrow was handsome -- such a sweet face and beautiful fur.  I love a cat with a white bib.


You were a loving friend to let him go when you did.  I'm a firm believe they will wait for us on the other side.


We are better for having loved them, don't you think?

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@gizmogal so sorry to hear of your loss.  What a sweet looking boy Arrow was,something kittenish about his look.  Everyone here knows the real pain you're going through.  We know they're gone but they will always have a piece of our hearts💔

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