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Re: Need Advice on Pilling Cat / Oral SCC

@candys mine , thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to bring in two washable puppy pads tonight and use one for the kibble, although she was eating from the bowl today.


The other will be used for the water. Tammy is one of those cats who needs to activate her water by moving the container. She's incredibly strong and easily knocks over the working glasses I use throughout the house for the free-range cats. So she gets a #14 (small) Le  Creuset saucepan for her water, which is set inside a #9 Griswold frying pan. The frying pan holds the overflow when Tammy tips the saucepan.


That worked up to yesterday. I thought the Le Creuset was heavy enough to prevent serious mischief. But for whatever reason, this morning I found the frying pan half full of water and the Le Creuset under the window, nearly empty. She'd gotten it out of the frying pan and moved it several feet.


I cleaned up the Griswold and refilled the Le Creuset, but she just toyed with it. So I got a four-cup clear Anchor Hocking bowl and filled it with water and gave it to her. She agitated it enough to make a mess, but she settled down to drink for several minutes. I removed the bowl after that and then gave it to her mid-afternoon with fresh water, and she again drank for minutes. I'll do the same later tonight, and leave it in place on the puppy pad. Since she  may be associating the smell of the Griswold (wet iron) with discomfort, I'll try to find a substitute. I'm not ready to give up on the saucepan-in-pan yet, because it's worked for years.


I topped her Taste of the Wild kibble with Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea kibble, which I've never given her before. She tucked into that happily, in the bowl.


She's eating her wet food as well as the dry, tanking up on water, and using her box like a champ. The pain meds must be working. I'll ask the vet to do a senior wellness profile when she sees him on the 22nd, to check BUN and creatinine and sugars. 


Any suggestions welcome.