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Re: Need Advice on Bathing a Cat

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If he has stud tail there are special shampoos for this condition. Antiseborrhea shampoos are used. Stud tail is technically known as supracadal gland hyperplasia and is usually found in intact males but has been seen in females and neutered cats. The symptoms include missing hair at the tail’s base, matted hair at the base of the tail, waxy matter (sebum) on the skin at the base of the tail, foul odor and in some cases infection at the base of the tail. It happens because there are sebaceous glands that secrete large amounts of sebum at the tail base. Male hormones can cause an increase in sebum production. Antibiotics may be necessary to treat infection, if present. Neutering may resolve symptoms of stud tail for intact males. If it were me, I’d alternate between a medicated shampoo for seborrehea in cats and a soothing oatmeal shampoo for cats. I’d ask my vet about doing this before I started.