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I do not know if this subject has been mentioned, I was just made aware of it myself, didn't even consider it until I saw a You Tube video .   A couple who found their beloved dog dead because he suffocated with an empty potato chip bag on his head.

The snack bags are lined with mylar, used to keep food products fresh, but this same mylar is not easily torn or chewed through.  If you have ever had a problem just trying to catch your breathe, due to coughing or a medical condition, you know that panicky feelng of not being able to breathe.  A dog, cat or any animal,  who does not have the use of hands to pull the bag away, will panic and begin to gasp for air.  The mylar is thin and not breathable; nose and mouth can become covered,  no air getting to the lungs ( sorry for being graphic ).  

I have seen supposedly funny You Tube videos which show people hysterically laughing at their poor pet running with a chip bag on its head... I never laugh.  Same thing with widlife,  people do not throw away their garbage and these bags are tempting. 

Thank you for reading.  Please remind people to be aware... we are the protectors of our pets .

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@Zukie   This is a good reminder.  Thank you for posting.

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@Zukie Thank you so much for posting this information. What a tragic death for a pet that would be! You probably have saved some furbaby's life.

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Re: Mylar bags and pets

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Thank you, NickNack.  As I said, I was not aware that this could happen.  If my laziness or carelessness caused harm to one of my cherished pets, I would never forgive myself.

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Thank you, furbabylover.  I cherish my fur babies and if I make one person aware of the hidden-in-plain-sight possible danger, then I am glad.

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Thanks for bringing this forward.  I was not aware.