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Re: My heart is breaking

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 I am so sorry.  I wish I could say something that would help, but all I can do is offer hugs.

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nycgirl. so sorry for the loss of Sweet Pea.  I will keep her in my prayers.  Your mom must be devastated as this was her constant companion. 

I know my mom lost her furbaby a couple weeks ago and we cannot find him.  He was an indoor cat who escaped.  She can't stop crying!

Just so sad.  Prayers for you and your mom too!


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nycgirl. so sorry for you and your mom's loss.  Just so sad.  I am sure you are both so devastated!


my mom lost her furbaby a couple weeks ago.  He was an indoor cat who sneaked out.  She cries all the time as this was her companion,


I just feel so bad for you as I know how much SweetPea meant to both of you!

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I am so sorry for your mom's loss of Sweet Pea. She needs to be kind to herself and take time to grieve. She also needs to realize that she gave Sweet Pea the greatest gift in the world. Sweet Pea did not die in a shelter unloved. She had a home filled with unconditional love.


My experience has been my departed pet has seen that another one enters my life. If your mom decides to foster shecould make a difference that way. It may not be the right time and she will know when it is or if it is. I just know she made a huge difference in that sweet cat's life.


Call her frequently. Remind her of all the good that she has done.





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RIP dear little Sweet Pea.  My heart goes out to your mom and you.

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I am so sorry for your loss, @nycgrl.  I hope that you and your mother can eventually find comfort in the fact that you gave your furbaby two extra years of love and care....not to mention what she gave you in return.


Take care in knowing you are doing all that you can.  That is all anyone can ask.  I am sure your mom understands.

"Greater is the One living inside of me, than he who is living in the world."
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I know how you feel I love my parrots more than my own life

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My heart goes out to you and your mother.  Sweet Peathough brief, received a life abundant with love and caring. and she lives in your hearts as you both live in hers.


Hugs to you and your mother - remember SweeyPea is watching over you both!HeartHeart

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So sorry to hear this.  There are no words to ease the pain right now. 


Everyone here understands.   She was loved and gave love. 


Rest in peace Sweet Pea.

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A picture of our beautiful Sweet Pea in her favorite place - a lounge chair by the pool at Christmas time.

Sweet Pea 1.jpg