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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

I'm so sorry!




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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer


My heart goes out to you & your Sweet Schatzi.  I hope you find comfort with each other & make these times special for lasting memories. 


These times are always sad & difficult .. I call them the "Cycle of Life."  When Schatzi's time comes to travel to the Rainbow Bridge, feel happy that she'll be surrounded by new loving friends & she'll always look down upon you with nothing but smiles & love for the care & home you provided her.  


Blessings being sent to you both.  Heart

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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

Sorry, but I do believe you are doing the right thing.

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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer




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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

I'm so sorry.  We love our fur babies, don't we.


I read what you said about eating, etc.


I don't want to give you false hope but it might make you feel better.


So my cat named Katie a few months ago suddenly got very ill and within 3 or so days was gone.


But before that during a checkup my cat Bill...well let me back up...


So Bill just didn't seem like himself.  My friend (the Vet's nurse) took him to work one morning to run blood name it on him. I picked him up in the afternoon.


The next day the vet called and said his blood show all kinds of signs where his pancreas had almost shut down, his kidney functions were about as bad as can get.  He said he might have a few weeks.


I called all my friends to pray for Bill.  He's pretty famous with my friends because he has a big personality.


I'd been feeding him a special prescription cat food.  He'd been on it for at least 1 year.


I went to the grocery store and bought two big chicken breasts and boiled them.  I fed him both of those.


Then I went to the store and bought him Sheba cat food.  I figured if he was going to die; he should get to eat what he loved.


Meanwhile my friend (the one who works for the Vet) comes every day for 6 days to hydrate him to keep his kidneys functioning.


Initially she gave him something to stimulate his appetite.  

He started eating like crazy.  He now weighs 12 lbs.  he's frisky and initiates us to play with him.


Like I said, I don't want to give you false hope, but sometimes our furbabies surprise us.


Sometimes I think Bill isn't feeling good, but my friend says it's because he feels my tension and I need to relax.


Im not a vet nor do I know much.  I've been Mom to at least 9 cats.  I can tell you they've all surprised me with different problems.


We here will be praying for your sweet baby. You take care and if I were you, you might try giving her what she likes.


Please come back and let us all know how both of you are doing.


I almost forgot.  I had Bill's blood checked before the Dr left for vacation.  It was a tiny bit better, but not by much.


No one can explain why he's doing so good.  When my friend comes and hydrates him, she cleans his 2 litter boxes to make sure he's peeing and pooping good...and he is.


He acts fine.  I think I'll have his blood checked when the vet gets back.


If I'm honest I think my hesitation is because if no change it makes me worry.


But my grandma used to say, "Don't go looking for trouble...make it hard for trouble to find you"


Take care and tell your fur baby we are all praying for both of you.  Fondly, Annabelle😃🥰

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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

I'm so sorry, @wismiss  😔  


I was hoping for a more hopeful update.


I don't know why we can't have them longer.  It is such horrible pain to lose one you love.


I will continue saying prayers for you and Schatzi.  🙏💙 



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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

I am so, so sorry.🙏💕

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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

@wismissI am so sorry your kitty has a tumor, I hope you and she have many more good, happy days together before you have to say goodbye!

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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

@wismiss wrote:

Well, we went to the vet today and they did x-rays.  Schatzi has a mass that has attached to her intestines.  She will be 16 in September, but will not see her birthday.  The vet could do surgery to remove the mass and part of her intestines, but it is a very serious complicated surgery with iffy results and an iffy recovery.  So, they gave her a steroid shot since she is still eating, alert, and has some quality of life yet.  If she can tolerate the steroid, she should have 3-4 weeks to be here with me.  So I moved her kitty litter to a more convenient place since she can't use stairs any more.  I will be pureeing her food.  And, when she shows any symptoms of being in pain, such as refusing to eat, a change in personality, and long bouts of isolating herself, it will be the time to let her walk over the Rainbow Bridge.  Why, why, why???

I have a friend who feeds his 2 cats baby food (just the meat). That might save you from having to puree cat food. So sorry.

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Re: My beloved Schatzi has cancer

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I love all my animal companions and always try to do my best.


Veterinary medicine continually advances, but sometimes even that is not enough.


In 2007 I lost a most beloved 15 1/2 year old female cat to tongue cancer (horrible)--there was nothing anyone could do, although I took her to the best veterinary facility (Univ of Penn), and would have spent any amount.  I bottle fed her liquid food for weeks when she could no longer chew well.  Even today cat oral squamous cell carcinoma is basically incurable.


Fast forward--last year my 15 1/2 year old boy cat was diagnosed with internal cancer (no tumors).  Now there are a number of chemotherapy treatments available for cats and dogs, and also vet oncologists who work to help the pets have a fighting chance. (Yes, I researched everything, and even learned about all the different chemotherapy types and side effects.)  


My cat was on steroids, chemotherapy, probiotics, Chinese herbs, etc. He had to have weekly blood checks and ended up having multiple blood transfusions.


It was a battle to make sure he did not lose weight, and I used appetite stimulants as well as bought him dozens of different kinds of food.


Full disclosure:  This cost a fortune, and was an extreme amount of work and dedication. I have many other pets that were somewhat neglected, but because of the virus I was home with him every day.  He hung on for five months, but he was never completely "normal."


Would I do it again?  I am not sure.  There is always hope at the beginning for a cure.


The truth is, sometimes doing everything possible is not enough.  He tolerated everything well, and put up with the pills and transfusions, and the vets thought it was a miracle that he was hanging on, but it broke my heart to see him fighting and eventually failing.  The cancer had just spread too much.


I was able to spend a lot of intimate time with him and take many photos.


We cannot stop aging, disease or death.  I miss him deeply, but I have wonderful memories of his life with us.  


My first focus is on quality of life-- I do not want my pets to be in pain or suffer.  But I will fight to help cure them if it is at all possible.



P.S.  Three months after his passing we adopted a new kitten ON IMPULSE that we just happened to see in a pet store adoption center--he was dirty and scrawny and screaming his head off.  Now he purrs nonstop and cuddles in my arms, and reminds me of my missing fur babies.  Yes, life is a circle.