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I have been crying on and off all day.  I think the time may soon come for me to decide if my 14.5 year old girl is at the point where her quality of life isn't what it should be.  She is really slowing down.  Today I had to go get her from the backyard because she seemed disoriented and it's hot out.  I always sit on the back patio when she is in the yard to make sure she is OK.  I picked her up and brought her inside.  We had family dogs growing up but she is my first dog.  I adopted her over 10 years ago and she has been my shadow every since.  I'm just venting here because I know so many of you have had to make this decision.  I've also been a cat Mom for decades and have had to deal with this many times.  But it's different with a dog because they are so much more dependent on you.  Thanks for listening.    

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@Catty2 I feel your pain.  It's harder to do what's right for your pet because it is never right for you.  

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@Catty2 I am so sorry for your position that you are experiencing.  My boy, Toby, turned 16 on May 4 and he too has slowed down.  He now has urinary incontenance and goes in rooms and will just stand there.  I am not sure if he is confused or has somehow lost me but it is disheartening to watch our companions deteriorate before our eyes.  God bless you and I know you will be up for what lies ahead.

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@Catty2 Talk with your veteranarian (sp.) and he or she can guide you.  I lost two dogs in a year and my vet was so important to the decision.  Take care of yourself and you will make the best decision for your dog when it's time.

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Whenever I adopted a dog, I knew that the joy would be tempered in the end with heartbreak. My 11+ year old beagle is being treated for cancer. She's doing very well but I know the time will come when we must say good-bye. It has happened three times before with my wonderful beagles. I dread it but the bottom line is that we do not want our beloved pets to suffer.

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My heart goes out to you. I’ve been in that situation so many times. Most recently it was with our golden retriever rescue last August. We adopted her at age seven and miraculously had her for eight years! But, her mobility was fading and incontinence was emerging. I knew I wanted to let her go way before she became miserable, while she was still eating and happy, so I was able to have a fantastic home euthanasia performed. As someone said, it was the best worst day. She made a new friend of the vet who came, she had cookies and was loved until the end. I wish you strength through this difficult time of decisions. Love to you and your beloved dog.
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What is important is that we do not extend our pet's lives for our own selfish purposes. If your best friend is not suffering then you may want to do what you can to keep her comfortable so she can be with you for a while longer. If she seems to be in pain or fearful then you have to consider what should be done.

I am going through the same sort of thing right now. My girl has some joint issues and she has some heat problems but she is being treated with medication and seems to be comfortable and happy. She does sleep a lot more than usually and I carry her more than I used to (she is a little dog). I would do anything to keep her with us for as long as possible but I will not let her suffer.

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I'm so sorry @Catty2.

It is a heartbreak because we love them so much. 

and it is a love like no other.

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@Catty2,  your mention of disorientation really hit home with me.  I went through that with my 16-1/2 year old dog.  He was experiencing signs of canine dementia on several levels.


Long story short I started him on Krill oil and within a relatively short period of time, weeks, there was  a dramatic improvement in his awareness and alertness.  Even the vet noticed the difference and commented on it.


If your dog's quality of life would be improved by being more mentally alert it would be worth doing some research on krill oil and see if it might benefit your baby.

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I had to make that decision last month, it is not easy.  I will only say that I let her go because she was ready, everthough I may not have been.  

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