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I know I'm going to face the same decision one day.  Our Golden Retriever is only 8 now, and I try not to think about "that day."  I'm hoping I will know when it's time and I'm also hoping I will do it before she has to suffer.  I love this quote:  "Every once in a while a dog enters your life, steals your heart and changes everything."  That's what our Golden has done for me. 


**hugs** to you.  You'll know when it's time.



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@Catty2  My heart goes out to you. I see my 13 year old Springer Spaniel slowing down and it breaks my heart. We've had him since he was eight weeks old. So I am definitely his mother. I took him to get groomed two weeks ago and wondered if that would be the last time I took him to the groomer. Zeke is almost blind, almost deaf and diabetic. The diabetes is under control with twice daily insulin shots. Not much we can do about the other stuff. He looks fantastic. People can't believe his age or condition. He is starting to exhibit some confusion. Not every day, but enough to make me sad. So I totally know where you're coming from. I know that the day I have to make that hard decision is not that far away. I will know when, and will make the right decision, as I know you will, when the times comes. So for now, I think we both need to enjoy our babies as long as we can.💕🐾

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I read this and my heart goes out to you.


They give us so much unconditional love, it's beyond words.  


My last dog couldn't get up anymore, he just collapsed all the time and I knew it was time but I know it was the right decision but wish I did get confirmation from our vet.


I hope you do that, you will feel a little better knowing that could can discuss the health with a professional.


So many hugs.

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Re: My Senior Dog

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I know what you are going through.  Bless our fur babies.  Let your vet be your guide.  Often they feel more pain than we sense.


I know you don't want your baby to feel pain.


This is very close to what I "see" in my mind.  Those little hearts deserve everything.

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Keep notes on your dog and speak to your vet.  It could be something as simple as pain and there are medications that could help your pet feel better.

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@Catty2   I'm so sorry!  It's so hard. I had to do the same with my dog. With my senior cat I had my Vet come to the house and she gave him a shot while he was sitting in his favorite chair. He didn't even know what was happening. He had stopped eating and I knew it was time. Prayers to you. 

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Did your vet recommend this?  What strength of Krill oil and what dose?  My dog is about 10 lbs.  Thanks.

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Hi, @Catty2 !  My husband and I recently lost our Westie of almost 14 years in May.


He had an issue we took him to the emergency vet for on Easter and after a follow up with our vet it became clear there would be nothing we could do.  We prayed that he would pass with us at home, which he did, 2.5 hours before we were scheduled to take him to the vet to be put to sleep.  He holds such a special place in our hearts.


I hope your heart heals with the memories you have with yours.  Maybe our pets will meet at the Rainbow Bridge and be great friends! ❤️

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Part of me wishes that she will go peacefully in her sleep one night.  I'm sorry for your loss.  

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You said:


"Today I had to go get her from the backyard because she seemed disoriented and it's hot out."


Is she disoriented inside, too?  Excessive heat can cause that and more so in elderly dogs.  


All older dogs slow down.  She's not going to be racing around anymore, but that doesn't mean she wants to die.  Maybe, she has arthritis that can be treated with meds.  


Does she have serious medical issues that can no longer be treated?


Unless you know something you haven't told us, I would have her checked out by a vet.  You haven't told us anything that would warrant euthanizing.