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My Middle Of The Night Buddy.

My older cat, Tess, has not been a happy camper since Petunia came along. The little tornado is too rambunctious and busy for her.


I have been sleeping in the recliner since my knee surgery and Tess has decided since Petunia sleeps upstairs with DD she and I can spend some time together.


She has been jumping on me, fluffing me up and settling in the last few nights. It's nice to have time with her without the not so tiny terror bugging her.


Tess is not a lovey dovey cat, never has been, but she actually purrs when it's quiet and just the two of us.  


It's so out of character for her but I am glad she's doing it. I think she senses I don't feel 100% too.


Do you have an aloof cat that sometimes decide she/he wants to buddy up?



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Re: My Middle Of The Night Buddy.

@CrazyKittyLvr2   We kitties KNOW when you are not feeling well, and try our best to take care of you, like you take care of us.   Get well wishes from Kitty the Heavenly Fuzz.

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Re: My Middle Of The Night Buddy.

@CrazyKittyLvr2   Funny how that just brought back a childhood memory. I had a fall as a kid and my cat named Duchess was never one to cuddle up. When I had to stay off my foot for a week, she hung around and would jump up on my bed to "check in". My dogs have always done that, but I'd forgotten about Duchess. 

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Re: My Middle Of The Night Buddy.

Tess has never been friendly. I got her in 2008 from my then boss's wife.  Tess showed up at their house and they took her in but had dogs and really expensive leather furniture.  No cat was staying.  My first cat had died a few months earlier and I said no more pets. lol  I came in to work one day and there was a cat carrier on my desk. A little furry face looking at me.  The wife had gotten the cat her shots and there were cans of food too. They knew I wouldn't turn her away.  Tess was estimated at 4 months old.


She was one of the "when I want attention I'll come to you" type cats.  Still is. I bought cats toys and she might swat them once or twice and she was done.


I think she's just an old soul. We live a quiet life with all adults and it suits her perfectly. She wants no part of this lively kitten business.


Tess's rules, feed me the expensive packet food, clean my litter box, touch me when I say so, do not kiss me, and never, ever try to touch my belly (blood will be drawn).



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Re: My Middle Of The Night Buddy.

I too have had furry children that only wanted attention when they wanted or needed it . But when I was sick or had surgeries they would always come  around when I was alone . They seem to know how we are , and they do care. I also want to tell you how much I really enjoy reading your posts. Please continue posting your stories.

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Re: My Middle Of The Night Buddy.

Retired Legal,


I hope you make a speedy & FULL recovery, (that is to say back to how you felt before your knee ever started to bother you)winter is heck on our joints, and no fun to deal with aches in the snow...

- Tess knows you and she are the old guard as it were, and her reconnection with you is simply beautiful...SHE LOVES YOU, don't forget it.


You're a great mom (to your daughter of course and to your fur babies) it's obvious to me.


Your stories are heart warming and make me smile on the hardest of days - thank you for that.


Be well, take care of yourself - and get rest.