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Daffy was so loved by your son and you!  This is evident by your post. You gave her a great life. One that she was happy to finally have and well deserved!  I know Daffy loved you both and vice versa. All those bad memories Daffy had were replaced by beautiful new loving memories and unconditional love that you and your son gave to her. When you think of your dear girl remember all the love that you shared. You both did something wonderful for Daffy, and she returned the favor by doing something wonderful to you.  ❤️ 🐶 

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So very sorry for the loss Daffy. I know you and  your son are devistated, espeially since it was so sudden.  She had the best years of her life since your son rescued her.  I believe her heath has been restored and is waiting for you at the rainbow bride.

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Blessings to you and your son for giving Daffy such a wonderful opportunity to know love and home.  I am sad for your loss.  Coon Hounds are such sweet accepting dogs, especially the older girls.  


I hope you all can take comfort in knowing you were the very best part of her life, and that at the end she was not alone.


It is a pain that never goes totally away, but it does become easier to bear.


Happy Trails, Daffy, and Best Wishes to You All.

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Thank you for all your kind thoughts and words.  It means a lot.  My son really misses her.   I miss her.  

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I am so sorry ... (just found this thread today). 

Know that your friends here share in your sorrow as we have walked this path so many times.  ((Hugs for you & your family.))

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Yes, i remember you posting pictures of your grand dog,in the recliner, so sorry to hear that.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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Sorry to hear this, but a forever home is blessed.  

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I’m so sorry @CalminHeart, (((HUGS))) to you and your son. 

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There is not much worse to me than losing a pet.  Your son gave Daffy a wonderful life for the past 6 yrs.  She was loved and she knew it.  My thoughts are with you and him today

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I am so sorry for your family’s loss.