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My son adopted Daffy two years ago.  She was 6 at the time and had suffered abuse.  Daffy and my son became inseparable.  Daffy also came to my house a couple of days a week so she wouldn't be alone all day, every day.  She and my dog got along well.  She was a 70 pound coonhound who thought she was a lap dog, the sweetest thing.


7am - normal

10am - lethargic, went outside and laid down in the far corner of the back yard, not doing well at all

11am - tests at vet's ER

3pm - Vet called to say Daffy was full of cancer and had internal bleeding. Daffy was really suffering by this time.

5pm - Daffy was put down.  


My son is devastated.  I'm heartbroken for my son and for losing my granddog.

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So very sorry for your family's loss.Heart



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@CalmInTheHeart -

Our loving granddogs-there is nothing like them in the world. 

I am so sorry and for your son-hold and love each other tight!Heart

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Very sorry to hear of the loss of your loving pet. A hug for you and your son.

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@CalmInTheHeart   I'm so very sorry for your and your son's loss.  Daffy sounds like she was a wonderful girl.  I'm so glad she and your son found each other.

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I am so sad to hear this.  Just a month ago I had to have my Holly put down.  I know what your son is going through.  God bless your son and you.

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@CalmInTheHeart  I am so sorry.  Sometimes cancer is not detected until it is too late, as we have found out in our family.  Does not make knowing that any easier.  My condolences.

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I am so sorry.  Please take solace that she was loved and cared for after her abuse.

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Precious Daffy was gifted with a wonderful two,years of a life filled with people who loved and doted on her.  Thank you for giving her that gift.  And I am so very sorry for all of you.

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Having lost several granddogs, I know it hurts, in great part because we see our children grieving painfully over the loss. When my daughter's first dog Bailey died, she was inconsolable. I knew how she felt because I grieved after my own dogs died. Many people don't understand just how deeply we love our fur babies. They truly are our best friends.