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@fthunt  Yes they are draft horses.  The two in the picture are Percherons, and we have two more that are Belgians.  We have some sleighs and carriages that we take out with them, but for the most part they have more play time than work time.  We've had our horses for many years.  Our two Belgians were babies when we bought them.  Ben is 24 yrs. old and we have had him for twelve years along with Norm.  All our horses weigh between 2000lbs. and 2200lbs.

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@hayseed0- They're so beautiful.  Thank you for the smile.  Heart

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@hayseed0 Thanks - I was raised around horses and had my own pony before teenage years.  My Father hoped I'd be a 'horse woman'.    Didn't happen  LOL

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Very Pretty.


I always said if I had horses, they'd be my big ol spoiled PETS, never rode, never with a bit in their mouths, just bathed, pet, fed, housed, visited by vets and horse shoe experts on the reg and loved to distraction.

Yours seem to live the good life - thank you so much for sharing.


Kiss 'em on the face on the soft spot between the eyes, tell 'em it's from Aunt Ko!

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I feel as you do, so I've always just admired them from afar.


One of God's most beautiful creatures.




Thanks for sharing Ben and Norman with us.  They are more handsome than ever.



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@Witchy WomanI'm going to have my husband take some pics of the horses rolling in the fresh spring mud.  They look like mud puppies at the end of the day.  A horse groomers nightmare !! LOL

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I disagree.  Ben & Norman are not beautiful.


They are the most gorgeous, exquisite, magnificent, dazzling horses I've seen!  That photo is perfection.


(Can you tell I love horses?  LOL)

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Ohh, I envy you!  Always admired & loved horses from afar.  


Whevever we take weekend rides, we usually go the back roads (more country) & I look forward to passing the farm lands & pastures .. always looking for the cows & horses.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful pic.

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They certainly are beautiful babies. You’re so very lucky.

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