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Re: Movie/TV Series on Pet Hoarding

I can't watch anything with animals or children in distress.  It stays with me and I keep stewing about it. I would love to have alot of animals but I know my limits. The most I've had is 3 dogs and it wasn't bad. We have a big yard and a roomy house.

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Re: Movie/TV Series on Pet Hoarding

Okay, so, ... I  went back to watching the series ... Again, very interesting to me from a human psychology point of view.

All the hoarders have psychological histories in common and I LEARNED something about a once close relative ...

Many years ago, our family had a lot of deaths .. parents, aunts,  uncles ...

I was very close to a cousin, but overtime, he stopped coming to visit.  His excuse was always his "animals".

Same as the series -- people have a family trauma and start hoarding animals.

Then the pets become more imortant than the humans and the only companions.


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