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Arent they beautiful?



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You can see the Mother's love in her eyes.

I had a pony when young but....unfortunately it broke a leg and not able to repair.  Too many broken little bones.

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This is such a beautiful, precious photo.

I love these mom/baby pics.


thank you for sharing.

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@Kachina624 Thank you for posting such a beautiful picture.

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It must be so comforting for them to feel each other's heart beat 🥰.

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What a wonderful photo! 

Thanks for sharing.



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So Beautiful 😍 

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Thats a heartwarming photo.  I had the awsome experience of owning a pony that gave birth to a foal.  I didn't experience the actual birth, but I was the first one there early in the morning,  seeing mama  stand guard over her baby in the pasture.  It was an unbelievable site, still a bit foggy out, and dew on the ground with the sun coming up.   I still have them both, on my own property.

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Yes they are.  Majestic animals.

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@Kachina624  thank you for sharing this beautiful picture. Are these magnificent horses yours?   I just love them. 

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