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Our new grandpup.  She’s so cute, can’t wait to meet her. 



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Such a handsome little dude.

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What a cutie!  😊

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Enjoy her!

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Thank you everyone, I just love her ears. 

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Prescious and surely full of mischief!

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Flynn!  So stinking cute!  Beautiful markings!

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Flynn is adorable!  I have a Frenchie.  They're full of personalilty.  You will love him.  How old is he?

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What's her name?


DD always wanted a pug.....but then she turned into the 'crazy cat lady', LOL!

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Flynn is adorable.  She will be one silly pest if she's like all Frenchies, but you will surely spoil her with cuddles and kisses because she is your grandpup. It's the way with all grandpups. (Try not to be too generous with treats! Stay consistent with her training when she visits you, so she doesn't get confused.). Be prepared to laugh every time you're near her.


Such a pretty, sweet little dog!