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Awww, I love them. This is a good way to start our day with this precious pic. Enjoy!

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Best wishes to all.  Someone once told me that cats have an M on their foreheads.  Not sure if it's true but it is really obvious on these two guys.  Enjoy each other.

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congrats, you and your wife have been rescued by two lovely little angels,just like my family was one day.


The best days of your life are ahead of you!


Enjoy and God bless all of you!

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They are adorable!

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Wow, Tucker and Mike are handsome little fellas!  Congratulations!!   Thanks for sharing, made my day!!

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@Tinkrbl44    You have a beautiful heart. Cat Very Happy

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They are adorable @Tinkrbl44. Please post pics often. 

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Precious /

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The story of the M on Tabby cats:


The most popular legend tells us as the baby Jesus shivered in the manger on the night He was born, a small tabby cat jumped into the humble crib to warm Him with its fur. Mary touched the little tabby cat to thank it for its gift of love and warmth, bestowing her initial “M” on its forehead. From that day on, every tabby cat bears the Madonna’s initial.

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