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When my previous lhasa apso died 11 years ago - I immediately went on-line to find another lhasa. A woman living 2 hours from my home in southern California had a litter of lhasas - and I chose 1. The puppy was only 1 month old - so I had to wait another month - and then the woman, MaryAnne, brought the puppy to my house. So - I gave another doggie a GREAT LIFE!!!!

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We are pup lovers and have gone through two losses in two years.  I cried for days over one and it took several days for the swelling around my eyes go down.

  I loved our chocolate lab, Molasses, years ago when the boys were small.

Labs are such sweethearts.


Please accept my hugs and prayers.  You lost a very dear member of your family.  I am so very sorry.  


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What a beautiful baby. My heart is hurting for you tonight. God Bless You, and know that prayers are with you. 💔

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Re: Lost My Sweet Boy Today

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My heart hurts for you @SapphireGal, I do understand what it is to lose our beloved companion animals; you loved him so much you let him go!  As you know it will be difficult for a while and perhaps in time you will be able to bring a happy home to another pup who needs the kind of love you gave to Toby for so long...Take care of yourself, we all have you in our hearts and thoughts.  Rest in Peace, Toby..... Blessings, Scarlet

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I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome boy, Toby. 


I've never had a Lab, but my sister-in-law has one and, when we visit, I always make sure I take him out for a walk on their farm. 


He is the dearest boy.  Very sweet and loving.  I just love him for the beautiful creature that he is and the affection he shows me.


No words can help, but  everyone here understands your pain.

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@SapphireGal  What a beautiful dog.  My heart is saddened for you.  Take time to grieve you own way.  When I had to make "the decision" with my last dog, my wonderful vet used a pet cremation place that offered a free obit book marker and obit laminated display card.  He suggested I do the obit and include details of his life and let the tears flow.  It was very healing and now I have these rembrances of him.  Make your own with pictures you have.  Now when I read his obit I can laugh and smile at things he did and his quirks, likes and hates.

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There is just nothing worse than the loss of our beloved pets.  You did what was best for your precious Toby.  Words do not offer consolation from the grief we experience, but know that we feel your loss and you gave each other many years of happiness and love. 

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I'm crying with you.  What a handsome sweet face.  I  understand all too well the feeling of loss and sadness when it's time to let them go.  You were a good and kind Mom not to let your boy suffer.  They are so brave and often push through the pain.  You were just as brave to put his needs first.  Even though you wish he were by your side to touch and feel and love,  he will ALWAYS be part of your heart, and you'll still love him that way.

Sending hugs.

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So very sorry.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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@on the bay wrote:

I am so sorry @SapphireGal .

What a beautiful boy he is.

It is one of the greatest heartaches and losses, I know. I do understand.

That love remains in our hearts forever.

I still cry 12, 5 and 4 years later and I expect I will again. I do believe I will see them and hug them again.

@on the bay   I do as well.  We lost our first Airedalegoing on 10 years ago.  She will always own a huge piece of my heart, and still makes me smile when I think of her....  but chokes me up when I talk about her.   It's happening right now as I sit and type this.