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So very sorry for your loss.  I lost my Jake 3 years ago and think of him so often.   Take care.

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What a handsome boy!  I am so sorry for your loss.  However, your love for him allowed you to give him the greatest gift—his peace—by letting him go.  Take care of yourself.

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Hi SapphireGal:


I can feel your pain, sympathize and understand what you feel....


May your sweet boy feel the love and joy when he goes over the bridge, and may Our Lord hold you in his healing hands and help you deal with your grief and sorrow.


When time passes you may decide to adopt or buy another pet, if not your memories will become very cherished ones.


I have had the joy of having and the tears of losing many pets, dogs, cats, different fish in tanks, hamsters, canaries, parakeets, as well as one fabulous talkative cockatoo. They all filled my heart with laughter and joy, and were very devoted till the very end.


When the time came to ease their prolonged suffering they received the expensive shot which ends their suffering in under 1 minute,. I refused to have them placed in a gas camber which was cheaper. I believe that is a horrible terrifying painful way to die.


I held them in my arms so my voice and touch filled with great love was the last thing they heard before they went to pet Heaven. Then I released my sobs and rivers of tears. I stayed strong for them not to see my break down because that would only confuse and frighten them.


I believe our pets are among God's greatest gifts, and we humans are so blessed to have had and loved them, and if possible be able be strong enough to spend their last moments holding them, kissing them, and talking softly to them as they left this earth for a more Heavenly joyous place, where they can roam free, run to their hearts content, and play.


Wow this reply really made me cry as I remember, and will never forget any of them.



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I am so sorry for your loss.  Woman Sad

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So sorry for you.

It is hard no matter how many pets we lose.

It never gets any easier.

I have lost so many and understand your loss.

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@SapphireGal  I am so sorry for your loss. Mourn your fur child's passing and think of all the great times you had together. I'm sure you gave Toby a wonderful life, and he gave you love, loyalty and companionship. We had a scare with our ten year old Springer Spaniel, Zeke, about six weeks ago. All I could think was, Dear God, I am not ready to lose my furry son. Fortunately, after two surgeries he is doing well. So, my thoughts and prayers are with you in this very hard time.💙

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I'm so very sorry you've lost your Sweet Toby.  What a handsome boy he was.  He'll be with you always in memories & your heart.  He's at peace now & joining all of the other furbabies at the Bridge. 


Time will help you heal, take care.

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Know that your baby is now pain-free and romping like a pup on the other side ~

This loss leaves such a void, my heart aches for you Heart

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I am so sorry @SapphireGal .

What a beautiful boy he is.

It is one of the greatest heartaches and losses, I know. I do understand.

That love remains in our hearts forever.

I still cry 12, 5 and 4 years later and I expect I will again. I do believe I will see them and hug them again.

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Dear Saphire I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure while he was with you he had a wonderful life with folks that loved him so much. That is the best most of us could wish for.