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I had posted a few  days ago about (Anxiety In Dogs) concerning my big, beautiful golden lab, Toby. I posted this same picture on that thread. Today, we had to let him go. As I had mentioned in that thread, he was diagnosed with cancer last August. He had really been doing ok as far as the cancer was concerned we thought, but, 2 days ago, he began dragging one of his back legs. Then it got so bad, he couldn't use it at all. We took him to the vet today and they X-rayed his spine. The cancer was a huge mass in his chest cavity beside his heart and the cancer had spread to his spine. I am beyond heart broken. He was my constant companion and the most loyal and devoted dog I have ever had. I am so lost without him and cannot stop crying.      IMG_3624.JPG

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I am so very sorry for your loss.    It is heartbreaking to let a beloved pet go but you did the right thing. Remember the good days and how much you loved each other.

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Toby is a beautiful dog. It's heart-wrenching to lose a dog --- but when they're sick, we can't let them suffer. Just remember all those happy times with him - all the love and comfort he brought. I have a little lhasa apso - who's been my comfort for almost 11 years. They love us so much and they ask so little of us. Stay strong!!!! Sandy in Calif.

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I am so very sorry.  

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Dear Sapphire,

Words are of little help, but I am so sorry.  I’m sure you gave him a wonderful life that other dogs will never have.  You just have to go through this, it comes with the territory, and all of us fur-baby mamas understand... and it will be a while.  

When you are ready, I hope you will honor Toby by giving a home to another fur-baby, it will cheer you again -  Sending peace and prayers. 🎈Skye. 

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I am so sorry for your loss.   My heart just breaks when I read posts like these.   I'm a small dog person but if I was going to have a large dog it would definitely be a Labrador Retriever.   I've always loved that breed of dog.   


Please take comfort in knowing that Toby will always be with you in your memories.


May your handsome Toby rest in peace until you are reunited with him again.

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@SapphireGal  I am so sorry about Toby and my heart breaks for you.  He was such a handsome and good boy and I know that you miss him terribly.  Keep all of those good thoughts about him and know that he is now pain-free and is watching over you.

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My condolences to you @SapphireGal   Sending you prayers and lots of (((HUGS)))

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Your Toby was a beautiful boy!  

Your broken heart will mend in time and you will be able to remember Toby with smiles instead of tears.  

Bless you as you mourn Toby’s passing.

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Oh, dear Lord you are heartbroken I know.  I am just so sad for you.  You did the right thing.  I wish you peace.