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There's a commercial for a pet food where a woman named Jilliian kisses her dog Mo in such a sweet, loving way.



When we were kids, we weren't allowed to kiss the pets.  These days, I see my mother kissing her dog  often!

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@ECBG wrote:

@Tends2dogs What did the pup weigh that you picked up?  He looks quite large!  (Love your hair!).

He was 3 months old and weighed around 30 pounds.  My husband had to pick him up, put him in my arms, step back and start snapping the pictures.  We did this every week until I couldn't hold him anymore.  My DH told me if I picked him up everyday I would always be able to pick him up......well, that didn't happen LOL.  Thanks for the hair compliment.  I need a hair cut, but so does everybody.  I could cut it myself, but I am not going anywhere anyways.  It is much longer now than in that picture.


Stay safe!

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@pattiewaddle - Maybe you or someone else here has read books or articles by Dr. Michael Fox. DH learned about him during veterinary school. He doesn't always agree with him, but Dr. Fox has some "interesting" theories on animal thoughts and behaviors. I've read a few of his articles. 


@Tends2dogs - What beautiful pictures! They are an exhibit of true love. Your DH is a good photographer! Smiley Happy

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It’s interesting because our two dogs seem to understand and love to be hugged and kissed.  The cat is another story...he doesn’t seem to like it - but, I can’t resist (he’s adorable)  😊 

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I would like to think they do.  I know when I say to Toby, "Toby, give mama some sugar" & pucker up he give me sugar!

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I think they are showing us affection.

The neighbors have a dog who has adopted us. The owner of the dog is very young, has 4 little children and the dog just stays at my house mainly.

Spuds is his name. I feed Spuds, I have Spuds a place to sleep in the garage, and I give him his tick and flea meds. Also bathe him. Spuds is always kissing on me. And standing on his back legs and giving me hugs.

I honestly think Spuds knows exactly what is going on and he appreciates us taking him in. 


We had a little Jack Russell for almost 18 years. She would always walk by us, whether we were standing or sitting, and if we were barefooted a lot of times she would just give us a kiss on the foot and walk on. God love it. 

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I have 3 dogs and 4 parrots and I kiss them all. It is interesting, especially the Parrots who are very intelligent. They seem to know that the kiss is a sign of affection. My Blue Crown Conure will fly to my shoulder and put his head under my hair and make kissing noises if I cry or he senses that I am upset. He is awesome, he will also rub his beak up and down the side of my face and say "aww". He knows when I am upset. 

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I kiss all of my cats several times a day and tell them I love them.  I do have one cat that licks my hand and I feel it is a sign of affection on her part.  She was a feral we made into an indoor cat.  She's a little strange at times.  She will get next to me at night and let me pet her for awhile and then lick on my hand and then all the sudden give me a few quick bites (not real hard)  and jump off the bed.  I don't know if that is a love bite or not.

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@GoneButNotForgotten wrote:

I've wondered about this a long time: do our pets understand what kissing them means? that it's an expression of love and affection? What does it mean when they lick us...the same thing, an expression of affection and security?


I know that when I ask my granddog to give me a kiss, he gives me a smakaroo on the mouth (and gets a treat!)


He also kisses his doggie friend!!!!