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Just a note to say You, and Kingston will be in my thoughts tomorrow.  I’m sending Wishes for Health, Hope, and Healing.


{{{{{ hugs}}}}} for you and Kingston.


I understand about those worrisome feelings.






Robbie  sends Good Wishes too.


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@KingstonsMom I am thinking of you and Kingston and hoping for a diagnosis tomorrow with the best possible prognosis.  I know how much you love him.

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and Kingston for better news on Monday!

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Good luck to Kingston today from us and our Frankie the Cat.  Whatever it is, there's a way to help--try to keep thinking positive and give that pup a smooch from all of us in our home!

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Thank you so much, keep everything crossed for my boy, we just left for his appt. with the neurosurgeon, my stomach is in my throat.


 We so appreciate the love and support from you and FrankieHeart



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