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Dear Friend IG 


my heart breaks.  
My prayers stay strong for you and your baby boy. 
I need a resolution for him.  I need him well and without pain. 

I'm sick for you and him.  It makes me ache for your boy.  

I pray the specialist does not hesitate with a diagnosis and solution. 

let us know. Kiss him for me. I wish I could offer you more support IG


aunt Ko

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I'm so sorry Sweet Kingston is still feeling bad.  Good luck on your appt.  I hope the Vet can find the source of his discomfort & treat it so he's better soon.  Please give your Big Boy a hug from me.  Heart

He's in my prayers.

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So sorry that Kingston is hurting. So sorry for the worry and deep concern you and your DH must endure: we hurt so much when our furbabies are in pain - it's heartbreaking! Perhaps you might ask Kingston's doctor to call-in a prescription to dull the pain until he can be examined. I've got a prescription for Tramadol for Eddy: it helps a little. Also, a heating pad may be of some comfort from time to time, along with a soft quilt on top of his bed, and pillows he can cuddle against. I also use a little of organic hemp oil which can help somewhat. But, as you know, his momma's love, kisses, and cuddles will help ease the pain. Prayers for Kingston and you and DH.



Kingston is taking 50mg Tramadol and 100mg Carprofen twice a day.

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Re: Kingston Update

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I know you must be scared,  i hope you get him in ,and find out what is wrong,i feel it has taken way too long.

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Continuing to send tons more

strong healing prayers,positive

energy and warm comfort hugs

to your precious boy.





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I am holding on to you and Sweet Kingston in my prayers.  There is Nothing worse than not being able to help your Fur baby

when he feels poorly!  Please give him a kiss and a hug from me,

and tell him {{{{{soft hugs}}}}} are floating his way.


Holding hands with you and Mr. ig.



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@KingstonsMomIG   so sorry your Kingston is not feeling well.... I will keep him in my thoughts. Please update us with what the vet says about his condition... I hope they can do something to help him feel better.Heart

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Building a ramp for Kingston today.


The front of our home is ground level, but the back has a huge screened in deck that is off ground construction, there's a landing and 4 steps leading down to the back yard.


Kingston is having trouble navigating the steps and tripped yesterday, so DH is building him a ramp, covered in indoor/outdoor carpet for traction and with sides, so he doesn't misstep off of the side.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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I had a ramp built for one of my dogs a long time ago.  It was just like that.  I hope it will work well for Kingston.  Do you have a ramp for him to use to get in the car?  I think you said you have an SUV.

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We had a ramp there for our last 2 kids, when they got older and had mobility issues.


I had decided we wouldn't have any other pets due to our age, so we removed it.


But then Kingston and his past just melted my heart.Heart


We're looking into ramps for my SUV and DH's truck, open to suggestions from our 'Pet Lovers' family if anyone has experience with them and can recommend a brand.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.