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@KingstonsMom   I'm so very sorry to read that Kingston's health keeps declining.  I know how hard it is to see a much loved pet in distress.  I'm so glad you can see the neurologist on Monday but wish it was tomorrow. 


I've been praying for him since your original posting about this and will continue to do so.  I know he means everything to you and your husband.

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I am so sorry to hear what Kingston is going through.  And his guardians.  Hoping for the best outcome, and I know you are giving your brave boy all the love you have.

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I'm so sorry 😞 I hope things improve for Kingston. 

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I love you all, you're such caring, loving animal lovers that I'm so glad to know!Heart


I'll update when I know anything.


Thank you all.....Heart

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He is such a beautiful dog. I am praying that he will be ok. It is heartbreaking to see a family member in pain. Wishing you well.

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Hope your baby will soon feel better!Smiley Happy

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So sorry that Kingston is hurting. So sorry for the worry and deep concern you and your DH must endure: we hurt so much when our furbabies are in pain - it's heartbreaking! Perhaps you might ask Kingston's doctor to call-in a prescription to dull the pain until he can be examined. I've got a prescription for Tramadol for Eddy: it helps a little. Also, a heating pad may be of some comfort from time to time, along with a soft quilt on top of his bed, and pillows he can cuddle against. I also use a little of organic hemp oil which can help somewhat. But, as you know, his momma's love, kisses, and cuddles will help ease the pain. Prayers for Kingston and you and DH.
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Thanks for the update @KingstonsMom. I’m so glad he is finally being seen. Continuing to pray for your family especially Kingston

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@KingstonsMom  I am so sorry about Kingston, but I hope that the specialist has some good new for him and you.  

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Can you call your regular vet and tell him/her about the rapid decline in Kingston and his pain?  Perhaps something additional can be prescribed for him.


We've had cats and dogs who have had to alternate gabapentin for nerve/spine pain with buprenex for arthritic pain. There might be something to keep him more comfortable.


Just a thought to help him get to Monday and the appointment.