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Kingston has really not been doing well at all.


Since being hard to walk or jump to his favorite places, couch, my waterbed, etc,. we made him a pallet on the floor.


He is now sleeping most of the time and we're lucky if we can get him to eat a few bites, by hand feeding, just to get his pain meds into him.


He also 'hops' with his rear end, when he tries to walk.


In tears today, I called the specialist's (surgeon's) office, explaining the changes and pleading if it was possible to get an earlier appt.


Good news is that the neurologist will see him Monday!






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About time ,they get him in, poor boy hurting so much.

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@KingstonsMom.  So very sorry to hear of Kingston's decline.  I know he means the world to you and your hubby.  We've heard so much about him here that we all love him too.  He's so regal and noble looking that you can't help but admire him, then you hear his story and your heart melts. 


I know there are many fingers crossed for a good outcome.

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@KingstonsMom   If I have kept track of this correctly, this has been a rapid decline that came on quickly.  I am praying for a rapid turn around for your dear boy.  I also pray that it will be an easy remedy and recovery.  


Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part.  Knowing what you are dealing with may not be what you want to hear, but at least you can go forward with a plan and get things taken care of for him.


In the meantime, it sounds as if you are doing everything possible for him.  At the end of the day, that is all we can do for our loved ones.  Lastly, I pray for strength for you and your family to see you through this. Heart

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Healing hopes for you both.  

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I will have fingers crossed for Kingston.  He will also be at the top of my list for prayers.  I

do know how hard it is to watch him in pain.  I will say a prayer for you @KingstonsMom.  You can handle this.

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I'm sorry to hear that Kingston isn't doing well, but glad that soon you will have some answers. I'll pray for your boy in hopes that he will recover from whatever is causing his illness. 

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@KingstonsMom  I'm so sorry Kingston is hurting, and I can tell how much you love and care for him.  It tears at the soul and heart to watch our fur kids in pain.  My thoughts and prayers to Kingston and you.

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@KingstonsMom I'm so sorry 🙏❤

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@KingstonsMom I am so sorry to hear of the dilemma you are facing.  I pray that the dr will be able to find a solution for your boys recovery.  Kingston has been on my mind as he had such a horrific life before you.  I will continue to keep you both in prayer for healing and comfort.  Keep us posted!  When Toby has bad days I sleep with him on the couch and it seems to pacify him.