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Kidnapping In Progress

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"  I've had enough of you kid ; I'm returning you to Walmart " !

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Gorgeous dog!And baby is having a blast, look at that face!

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I am impressed.

That dog was able to negotiate around the furniture and the kid's toys while walking backwards.

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Why go to the amusement park when the cutie pie could sit in a box and be pulled around by a friendly sweet dog!!!!  Simple fun !!!!!

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@Foxxee   That is a clever dog! The baby is just loving it.

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Dogs know how to entertain us at all our ages!  Loved this one.

If my dog doesn't like you, neither do I.
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I can't stop watching this!  Love it.


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This is not that dog's first rodeo ... he really looks very experienced at this sweet trick. 


For all we know, the dog used to pull the kid's older siblings around, too.   


Another human child taught this dog to do it as well as he does .....  don't you think?


Just speculation on my part.

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That's one well-adjusted baby!


I was scared of puppies when I was a tiny tot.  Guess that's why I've always had cats.  ha! Cat Very Happy