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I am so very sorry for your loss.  When I lost my dog a few years ago I knew I wanted a french bulldog.  I had thought about it for a long time.  I was heartbroken when my dog died, but I thought it could take months to find a frenchie.  I started looking about a week after he died, and fairly quickly found a breeder a few hours away that had the dog I was looking for.  I went to pick her up, so in less than a month I had another dog.  I didn't expect to do it that quickly but it just happened that way.


It didn't make me miss my other dog any less, but she quickly filled my heart and it has worked out well.  Last summer I decided I wanted a kitten.  I read many articles on the internet about how to introduce a kitten to a dog.  I introduced them the slow way and it worked out well.  Just Google it and you'll find a lot of information.  You can decide which sounds reasonable and which doesn't.


Most articles tell you to introduce them slowly.  When I used to bring new kittens in with existing cats I would just bring them in and let them out to introduce themselves.  It always worked out, but that's not what they suggest now.

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Marguerite, first, I am truly sorry. Losing a fur child is devastating. Allow yourself to cry and hold onto the comfort that time will heal your hurt so that in the not too distant future, you can remember wonderful moments together, tinged with just a touch of sadness.


I think you are incredibly thoughtful to think of your cat who surely must not understand what has occurred. I honestly do not believe there is any timeframe for welcoming a new addition to your family. If you plan to adopt and start visiting shelters or know folks who want to give a cat/kitten to a good family, your heart might be the decision maker.


I can't address your question on the introductions. I have a dog and believe you should introduce them on neutral territory. Not sure about cats.


Sending much caring and support. I'm sure your cat is happily playing under the Rainbow Bridge.

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@srgtdj I just wanted to off my condolences on our kitty's passing, I hold you and your family in my heart!With Deepest Sympathy for Pet Loss.jpg

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Marguerite:  I am so very sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you.  When my cats died, I waited a while before getting another one.  However, I have a friend who (over many years) has twice gone to a shelter and chosen another cat within just a few days of losing his cat.  In each case, because he was so heartbroken, it worked very well.


I now think he was right.  The loss of your own furbaby can be unbearable, but there are also so many poor cats in shelters right now that just want to be loved. 


I do have a suggestion regarding introducing a new cat.  Cats are territorial, so when you bring another cat into your home it is coming into another cat's territory so the tip about keeping the new cat in another room for a few days is very necessary until they get used to each other's scents.  However, during that time, each day switch their (unwashed) blankets between their rooms so that they get the scent of each other, and when they are finally introduced they are already familiar with the other cat (I hope that makes sense).  When you finally open the door and they meet each other, do it quietly and pet them both equally.


I hope you find that new furbaby soon.



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Thanks so much for the wonderful tips...great advice!