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Today I'm taking my 19 year old cat to the vet because I'm worried about her. Among other things, she eats and eats but she's starting to look skinny (and my vet said that, for older cats, they like to see them a little plump, not skinny); she walks around howling for no reason we can ascertain (she's a Himalayan so that means she's part Siamese which could account for some of the howling but I think something is bothering her).

We had to have some "goobers" removed from her neck and eyes and it looks like they're coming back again. Because she wasn't well taken care of before we adopted her, we had to spend a lot of money getting her teeth healthy and that meant she's got just 2 fangs left.

I'm also worried that she might have diabetes or starting to have kidney failure because she drinks so much and leaves enormous pee-balls in her litter box.

Please send some good thoughts our way.

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@GoneButNotForgotten   I'll be thinking about you and your cat today.  I hope whatever is wrong is treatable.  When my cat started howling like that many years ago he was in kidney failure.  I'm so sorry your cat is ill.

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Prayers for you and your kitty!  Even if she has a condition such as diabetes--there is treatment!  We have a cat that's diabetic and treating her is pretty simple. Same with kidney problems or failure. WIth all the vocalizing, she may be hyperthyroid.


You can do whatever's required--it sounds like you love your kitty very deeply and have cared for her so well up to this point...she's 19!  So remind yourself of the confidence you have had to care for can do whatever is needed.



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Wishing you well today with your vet visit.   It can be difficult when they get to that age,

just remember to do what's best for the animal and not yourself.  Don't want to sound

unsympathetic but too many times we want to keep them here for "our" well being......



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Please let us know what your vet says.  It's possible that your cat is hyperthyroid.  Both eating and still losing weight and howling are the symptoms our cat had.  She is now on medicaiton and doing well.  Good luck!!

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Your girl will be in my thoughts and prayers, Please keep us updated, I am going through a similar issue with my 14 year old girl.  So this message just stood out to me and wanted to say I am thinking of you!

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Will keep you in my thoughts.  I've been down this road a few times with cats that had the same symptoms.  Whatever the outcome, please put the cat's needs first.  I had to make a tough decision about what to do when faced with the prognosis, but I know what I did made certain my cat did not suffer in any way.  The heartache is overwhelming, but it sounds like you've given your cat a wonderful life.  I do hope she can continue to have some quality in her life here on earth and I'm certain you'll make sure that happens.   

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious

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My cat had the same symptoms and it turned out he had a UTI and they gave him a shot of antibiotics and he was perfectly fine after that. I, too, feared he had kidney failure but it was something very treatable. Hoping the same for your kitty. 

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I'm sure you'll put your cat's quality of life first, but it would be wonderful if it was some easy remedy by the vet.

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Some people on these boards are so kind and helpful.  I, for one, appreciate it!  ❤



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