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I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

I received an email from Missy's (my 18-year-old cat) vet and it turns out we haven't been feeding her right. My poor baby went from 10 lbs. to 9 lbs., and she didn't have any weight to lose, since she's very small. I feel terrible about this. I got some bad advice about what to feed her; without going into detail, we were giving her food that was all wrong for her.

What she needs is food that has less protein and more fat; lots more. What we were giving her was just the opposite. We're going to change what we feed her and how we feed her, and I hope we can get her properly nourished and beautifully plump and sleek again.

God, I feel so bad about this. Just in the last day or 2 since we started giving her good food, she seems to feel better; a little more energetic and even more affectionate. She won't stay off my lap and I'm happy to have her there.

I learned my lesson. Since I have an old cat, I won't make any major changes without consulting her vet. Missy is basically healthy but if we'd continued with what we were feeding her, she wouldn't be for long.

Please excuse me for babbling on.

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

@GoneButNotForgotten - Don't blame yourself. The good news is you had Missy checked out, and now you know what to do. Missy is feeling better and perking up. That's all that matters!  Smiley Happy

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

You did what you thought was best at the time. Things change as we, and pets age. All we can do is go with what we think is right. Sounds like things are moving forward, so don't look back.

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

The bottom line is that your cat is feeling better and from now on you will consult a vet for guidance and advice!!!!!  I am glad Missy is feeling better, wow, 18 yrs. old, amazing!!!  

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

I'm happy for you, that the kitty is improving.


Like Dr. Pol would say, "never give up".

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

Awww, hopefully she'll bounce back and it sounds like she's saying, thanks mom!!!

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

@GoneButNotForgotten   I'm so glad your Vet noticed this and you were able to change her food!  I know you were only doing what you thought was best for Missy.  I agree that at this age especially, it's best to consult with your Vet.

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

@GoneButNotForgotten good for you and your cat. Could you please kindly share the brand and types of food that you are now feeding your kitty? Brand, wet or dry or both? Treats? Stews? (Thx, in advance)

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

Please don't beat yourself up about this.  It is obvious that you love Missy and would not do anything to hurt her! 


Thank you for sharing the information about high protein and high fat diets.  I was not aware of this.  My girl is now 12 and just had her "wellness exam".  Her weight went down a pound but her doctor's orignal goal was to have her slimmer than she was and we have been successful but now I have to weigh her on a monthly basis to make sure she isn't losing more weight.  Just as an FYI, I do monitor her food intake, it's not that she is fussy.  We are just trying to find that happy medium.


My best wishes to you and Missy

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Re: I'm nervous and anxious...part 3

Good to hear!  This is a good lesson for those who don't realize that you should never change a pets diet without consulting the Vet first.  I wish you many more years with your kitty.