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@furbabylover wrote:

@Xivambala  I live in Florida too, and after looking it up, I did not realize these lizards were a non- native species who are causing problems. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is calling for Floridians to kill them. Its like some of the giant snake species in the Everglades that were imported from elsewhere, and causing a huge problem. I live on the Gulf, and oddly we have none of those problems here. Just hurricanes!!!

@furbabylover,  consider yourself lucky.  They are increasingly present along the gulf coast mostly from Naples to Crystal River at this time.

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I know! I've read that!


We stay very observant while hiking or around bodies of water, except at our beach.


When DH is out geo-caching, he carries a .45 and bear spray!

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Bummer! I love Crystal River and the manatees!


I'll think twice before I go back, LOL!

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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Y'know, it just might be a budding friendship between your cat and the iguana. 


Imagine this, your fur baby appearing on Animal Planet's next installment of Unusual Animal Friends! (I love any show that features unexpected animal besties)!


I can see it now, they subtitle a video you send in, and give the cat a 'thought cloud' that says "heeeeere Lizzard, Lizzard" and the next thing you know Iggy the Iguana appears and is about to chat with the cat about their mutual love of sitting in the sun!


Perhaps this is why you think it might be a repeat visitor...just a thought.

Have a good week.

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@furbabylover ===> Yes, that is true about the FWC, but it is to be humanely. I am not sure what that means exactly. They are out of control in my condo community. Currently the HOA has chosen to shield all the tree trunks and cover shrubs with metal,netting. Unfortunately, some of the property between our buildings belongs to the county and there are two very unprotected trees outside my balcony. The trees are full of iguanas. I hear tree branches breaking constantly as the animals run up and down them. If they can't be in one tree, they go to another. A few weeks ago I saw one running through the yard that was a good 4ft long if not more. We are losing the battle. I haven't been able to figure out why they climb the building walls. I don't want them tearing though my screens and in my home!