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@NickNack      Prayers to St Francis for sweet Ava to be all better and come home to you very soon.  Sending you and Ava good thoughts and virtual hugs.  

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Checking in on Ava this afternoon! Stay strong!

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No matter what is going on with Ava I want you to know we are here for you. You are such a lovely and kind person here on the boards. So many of us have affection for Ava and Henry...and earlier for precious Frankie. All such cutie pies and so nice of you to share photos of them over the years.


Praying Ava will get better. 🙏

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@NickNack   Sorry I didn't see this about Ava yesterday....I am so sorry you and Ava are going through this and sending blessings that she gets well quickly.


I hope you get good news about her condition today that relieves most of your worry. Heart


Ava is such a little sweetheart... Heart

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@NickNack , thinking of you, and your Ava. 

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Hope Ava is better today ~ still praying...

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@NickNack  I'm so sorry to read that your Ava is not well.

  It seems that she is getting the best of care and all the prayers to St. Anthony, should help too.


  It is so upsetting when our dear pets are sick. She must be scared too, being away from home and family.


   Hopefully, she will have a quick recovery and be home with you soon.

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I'm worried there hasn't been an update today. @NickNack we're all still with you and Ava in spirit. All of us are hoping for a good report. 

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Any updates?  Hope everything is okay.

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Hope Ava is better.