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I love my cat so much!

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I have an elderly cat named Barney and I love him SO much. He's not very bright but I don't mind. He's biggish--at least 16 lbs.--and as, I said, elderly--15 years old with. He probably is overweight but he's just so big and thick and soft I can't resist trying to cuddle him and pet him and carry him when his arthritis (and probably his weight) is making walking painful. He has brown-and-white tabby markings and the softest fur I've ever felt on a cat.


Despite his age, he still has a kittenish face and a sweet little voice. He has all kinds of funny personality quirks; one of his favorites is to go completely limp when we're trying tp pick him up and/or carry him around. It's annoying but we're usually laughing so hard we can't manhandle him anyway.


ETA: I meant to add that we adopted Barney from a no-kill rescue shelter. I make generous donations to them so they can keep up their wonderful work of finding homes for animals that otherwise wouldn't find homes.

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He sounds awesome! I have 2 cats (Daisy and Disney) that I love so much, too!

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@FuzzyFace   Barney sounds adorable.  Please post a picture of Barney.  I would love to see this handsome guy!  

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I love my beagle, Maddie. We rescued her five years ago, when she was three years old. She is the most affectionate, puppy-like dog I’ve ever known. My husband and I are retired and she is our spoiled baby. I cannot imagine life without a dog. With all the stress I’ve experienced lately, I owe a lot to Maddie for keeping me smiling. When I was very sick last month, she refused to leave my side. She is just a love.

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It is wonderful that a pet can put a smile on your face and love in your heart. I am so glad you have a cat that you love so much. I have had some sadness lately and I adopted this little dog about three weeks ago and I love her so much she has brought such joy into my life so I know how you feel. It is  a wonderful loving feeling that no human could even give to us. It’s a love that last and is true!

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I'm glad you have a cat.  I have a cat too, his name is SOCKS.  I got him from the shelter and he is a joy.  I also love him very much.  When I'm home alone, it does not seem like you are home alone.  Animals are a true joy and bring warmth to the home. 

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I completely understand where you are coming from @FuzzyFace  I live with 3 birds and I love them so much I gave myself chest pains Woman LOL

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I understand your love for your cat @FuzzyFace.  I have a dog and a kitten and love them both so much.  I can't imagine life without them.

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Hi @FuzzyFace

You mentioned your dear, wonderful cat has arthritis.

Did you knoiw that DGP (aka Dog Gone Pain) tablets can also be given to cats?

You can order it from amazon.  


I used it with all my small dogs.  I have been adopting elderly dogs only and typically they have arthritic issues.  The DGP product works very well.  Some vets even recommend it.

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Cat love is one special love. 😻