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Re: I love horses

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I would love to tell a Grandmothers story.....


I too love these magnificent animals. I rode  when I was younger but never owned my horse. I am now 69 and do have health problems but try to sneak in some riding when I get a chance. But I would like to share my story how these incredible animals can help children.


When I first Grandson was 4 years old the doctors thought he had a form of Autism called Askperger syndrome. It is the low rung on the ladder and is basically a mood disorder. Since my son and daughter-inlaw worked I took care of him almost from day  he was born. When the doctors told us this they immediately put him on medication which my husband and I were not too happy about but being the Grandparents we had no say in the matter. However I knew they were using horses in therapy for children who had Autism or other forms mental disorders.


I did some research and found a horse ranch in our area....Wisconsin that gave lessons. My husband and I went out to take a look and talked to the owner who also gave the lessons. We told her about our Grandson and she took him on as her student. He would be in a class with "normal" kids. I knew already he shared my love of horses so I couldn't wait to get him started. We decided for his 5th birthday we would give him 12 lessons as his gift.


Brandon Is now 13 and is a Champion Horse Jumper. He is still at the same farm and this Summer he will start working there. The farm offers trail rides to the public and he helps on the rides. He is the President of the Ridding Club. He is the only boy and all the girls adore him. Although we can't afford to buy him a horse  the same owner of this farm bought a some what smaller horse a year ago that was never trained for Brandon to train. No one rides this horse except him. He alone is training this horse. 


Brandon is quite small for his age but that doesn't stop him. There isn't a thing he doesn't know about horses, any breed. He went to Texas 3 years ago to visit his Mothers cousin and met a Jockey who is now his best friend and for the last 2 Summers has gone down to stay with him. He is training him to ride as a jockey. This Jockey has rode in Kentucky Derby, hundreds of races, and even in several films. He has told us God gave Brandon a talent that only few are born with.


Brandon is a A student. He is President of the Future Business Leaders Club. This year he had a starring role in the school musical. He is also a member of the Debate club and recentlty in a contest took Fisrt Place in his division in state. His plans for the future are to either be a Jockey or a trainer, maybe a Vet,mainly working with horses.


The doctors no longer think he has any type of Autism but he he does have a mood disorder and he is still on medication. He is a very happy young man. His love for horses has given him confidence that his size doesn't matter, to love ALL people and to believe in himself. The power of this magnificent animal has given my Grandson a chance to be something in this crazy world. He tells me often that there is nothing in the world like the feeling you get when you are riding and the wind is blowing in your in face and you feel the power of your horse under you.


He still sleeps over ever weekend, any day off from school and stays with us all summer. He only lives about 20 minutes away, lol! But He has 3 brothers and 1 sister and they too come but Brandon always comes.....and yes Grandma still takes a trail ride with him and yes Grandma and Grandpa still pay for his lessons. Its worth it don't you think? 


I hope didn't bore you. Brandon and I love horses!!








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@Silverfox1  What a beautiful story!  I hope your young man fulfills all your hopes and dreams for him.  Sounds like he's "riding" the road to success.

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@HappyDaze wrote:

Horses are just amazing and majestic. I love their wild, free spirits. They are beautiful and intelligent. I miss my boy.

I'm sorry, @HappyDaze.


When I was little, my family used to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle. They lived on a farm and owned horses. One of my cousins who was older than me, used to put me up on the back of his horse with him, and we would go riding around the farm together. That was so much fun!


I have many happy memories of visiting those relatives. Smiley Very Happy

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I do, too! My BFF has two horses on her property. We ride together twice a week.

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I used to also ride and have had family members ride.  But no longer.

However, I had the opportunity to see the Cavalia's newest show, Odysseo, this December just before Christmas.

If it comes to any of your areas, it's worth going.

The horses are often running free and/or ridden without much tack.  It's a lovely production and the horses are said to be treated extremely well.

(No, they don't only have white horses, but they do have many breeds, including Arabians.)


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Re: I love horses

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Marcee46, what a lovely grandmother's story.  So heartwarming, it actually made my day.  In these uncertain times and world in which we live, this is the type of warm story I just love to hear.  I think it was (and is) a beautiful gift that you gave your grandson, which in turn, brought out his remarkable gift.


What a wonderful outcome and an awesome future Brandon has. You and your husband must be so very proud.  God bless you all.

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Hello @Karnerblue - I thought yu would enjoy Antonella Nester's blog with her favorite pictures of her horse, Retsen. Check it out here>

Photos of Retsen


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I saw them  .... they were so awesome.  She is lucky to be able to own a horse like that.  He is beautiful (and so is Antonella).  Thank you for thinking of me -- it was really sweet.

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