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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

@KBEANS  How wonderful you adopted this senior pup. Blessings to you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

@KBEANS You nailed starting a thread!  You are a caring sweet soul to take someone's furbaby into your home.  I took my moms' west highland after she passed and kept it until he passed at 16 and miss him terribly.  He was the last link to my mother and he and I had a special bond that was like no other.  I am glad your son has a dog that is a friend to this dog and can possibly help with the transition to its new home.  God bless you and your family and hope you have many cherished years together.

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

Just saw your post about Jake and the commitment you have to giving him a happy life, it's truly wonderful.  We have a 14 year old, Toby.  We have had him since a puppy and he too has issues with his back legs.  It became noticeable about 2 years ago but the vet thinks it's always been there.  We had had a couple of incidents where hes done the zoomies and it's resulted in him being in pain but it's hard to stop him once he gets going.  Pain meds and rest stabilized these incidents.  We make sure he does not jump on furniture and actually now he doesn't have the strength to do it so he gives a little whine when he wants to come up for cuddles.  We avoid steps, especially climbing but he really is a happy boy.


We give Toby fish oil and glycofex for his joints and go for gentle walks 2 to 3 times a day.  Bad breath could mean bad teeth.  It probably means teeth cleaning of even extractions which can be four figures but is worth considering.  I give Toby teeth cleaning soft crunchy chews and my groomer somehow manages to brush his teeth.  I prefer vet prescribed shampoo as Toby gets itchy from time to time.  I wash him weekly and he loves a gentle warm blow dry lol.  I'm careful not to get water in his ears and gently wash his face with a warm flannel and a couple of soft treats as I wash him to keep him relaxed.  Yes he's spoiled.


If you can do this it's worth setting aside some money each month to help for any vet bills, I find it really helps.  Pets are a worry but the love they give back is worth everything.  I wish you well on your new journey with Jake, he's a lucky boy to have you both but I'm sure he already knows this. X