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My husband's friend passed away on Sunday.  He left behind Jake; a 14 year old lovely dog.  


Four years ago when the friend began having health problems; he asked my husband if he would care for Jake if he passed. 

He's a terrier mix, apricot in color. He wags his tail a lot, indicating that he's happy. I have also seen him laying around, looking like he's missing his dear dad. 

His back legs are a little weak, but doesn't seem to hinder him much. He has bad breath, and hasn't been groomed since before the start of the pandemic.  He has an appointment on Monday.


We are in touch with his VET who told us he was treated on 11-8 (last week) for a UTI and to continue medication for 20 days.  Other then that and his weak legs; he is in good health for a dog of his age.


My son has a dog that also loves and knows Jake and  are happy to see each other more frequently now.

We are happy but very nervous as to what is ahead. It is our honor and privilege to have Jake here with us, in his forever home. 

Does anyone out there have any tips, or advice for us? Would really appreciate it! 


First time I have tried starting a thread. I hope I did this right.

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog


Your beautiful post brought tears to my eyes.

It sounds like Jake will have a lot of love with you and your husband and his friend.

I think just lots of love and hugs, and a nice warm doggy bed perhaps with

some healthy treats and good food and a kong or big rubber bone to chew on.

He sounds like a sweetheart and so do you!

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

@KBEANS First I'm so glad the friend thought ahead about the care of his sweet dog. Second, bless your DH for agreeing and and you too. No doubt the dog is in mourning, it's well known that animals mourn. And THANK YOU for making a grooming appointment, that poor dog desperately needs that but I'm guessing his late dad just wasn' t up to it and so many groomers had shut down.


I wish you both and  Jake the best and hope you'll keep us updated.


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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

@KBEANS   Bless you and Jake.  There's nothing like the love of a senior dog.  Thank you for giving his dad piece of mind.  

Give him lots of hugs, cuddles, kisses, and of course good nutrition.  May you enjoy many more years together.  

Just wanted to add that animals do grieve.   Talk to Jake and let him know that it's ok for him to miss his dad.  💕

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

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Your thread is perfect.  Easy to read.  


Good Luck with Jake!  He'll need a lot of love and it appears he'll get it from you and your husband.  

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

This is so sweet God Bless both you and your husband for taking in this senior dog. 

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

@KBEANS   One thing I would do for Jake is take a small blanket and toss in dryer to get nice and warm and wrap Jake in it.  He probably has arthritis in his legs and the warm blanket will feel good and let him now that you care.  I am sure he is missing his master but do the best you can with him.  If he likes to play, play with him.  If not just show him love and a warm blanet.  It is so nice of you to take him in.

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

Thank you for taking Jake into your home.  It sounds like he may need to have his teeth cleaned which can be an expensive proposition for an older dog.  Otherwise just treat him like an honored guest. 


Your first post was just lovely. 

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

What a loving post!  Jake is fortunate to have you!


You already outlined good care for the little guy.  I would also hug him and have many play dates with the other pup which will likely prolong Jake's life.

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Re: I inherited a Senior Dog

@KBEANS I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.  You and DH did a wonderful thing by adopting Jake.  I wish you all years of happiness together.  If his back leg weakness persists or gets worse, you should ask your vet about supplements like turmeric and CBD oil or medications like gabapentin or an anti-inflammatory.  Best wishes!