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and remember you with such love.



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My friend is having to have her cat put down today. I feel so bad for her. 

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So true, it still brings tears to my eyes...

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We lost our beautiful Golden Retriever last September, unexpectedly.  A few months ago, we rescued a 4 year old Golden.  I love ALL Goldens, but our first one, Jessie, will always be missed.  She never did anything wrong.  Pure Gold!



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We took in many homeless kitties and took care of the neighborhood ferals, who are now gone.

I'll never stop missing them all!  Heart

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@Kachina624   I share your sentiment. In particular, our Cleopatra Kitty Kat who diied last spring. We still talk about her funny little ways.

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We have gotten to the point where we can reminisce about the quirky and funny things our two Irish Setter did almost 50 years ago and laugh.  sometimes one of them enters my dreams.


It hurt so much when each of them passed !

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This had me in tears.


I can so relate...


Thank you @Kachina624 

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Me, too.   I lost my sweet Bogey in early April and I still can't believe he's really gone!   


Bogey was the four-legged love of my life.   Heart  

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I lost my Buster in March this year. He was small but mighty. I miss him everyday. He was a sweetheart and a cutie pie.