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Glad you found the little patootie and she was okay ... just upstairs.    What a scare!


This week I had to take Bogey to the vet and he has a 6th sense about when I'm going to scoop him up and put him in the carrier.  He skillfully hides under tables or chairs ... or the bed! .... and watches me closely.


Well, this week I had a brainstorm .....  I dug out the little toy that has the red laser dot .....  and shot it at the carpeting near him and he was totally mesmerized with chasing it, wiggling his butt and getting ready to pounce ...   then I pounced while he was concentrating and scooped him up and he was in the carrier, ready to go!


Of course, that only works if you know where they are hiding, but now Mommy has a new trick for Bogey.  ha ha    Heart



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@CrazyKittyLvr2 I'm so glad you found the little stinker. After reading your post, I was worried.


Interestintly, I had a beautiful all black cat named Ninja, quite a few years ago, who was a homebody.  Even if I took her on the patio, she would scramble to come back in the house when I did.  


One day, Ninja pulled a Petunia, but in this case, she had escaped the house. She simply disappeared.  Everyone called for her, but it was like she never existed.


I had all kinds of bad thoughts of what might have happened to her.  I had accepted that she was forever gone.  Six months later, something caught my eye outside the patio door.  It was Ninja, rubbing up against the door meowing.  I let her in and she just looked at me like -- what's up?  She was fat and healthy, indicating someone had taken care of her.  

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@BlueFinch  My fear was she somehow got out when the home health person left. 


She's found a hiding spot before for just a couple of hours but never this long. Today I made sure where she was when HH left and asked her to eatch the door when coming in or leaving.


Petunia was no worse the wear after "her" adventure or my nervous breakdown, whichever way you look at it.  Just a yawn and a it's supper time look.


It's not easy being the property of a cat. And yes, that's what we are.