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@CrazyKittyLvr2  Have you tried opening a can of cat food and calling here kittykittykitty.  I'm not kidding, I can't count how many times our family cats vanished into walls (so it seemed) and the opening of the cat food can usually worked.

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@Peaches McPhee wrote:

@Meowingkitty wrote:

I had a cat Winston who one time got shut in a dresser drawer. We called him, looked all over for him, scowered the neighborhood thinking he escaped. After a couple of hours we heard meowing. He crawled in an open drawer and went to sleep. I hope you find your baby soon. 

This has happened to me too, more than once and more than one cat.  

Me, too. Only my cat was in a filing cabinet drawer that had been open, and I think her weight and the movement of her getting in made it close. She was in there for hours and when I finally realized I hadn't seen her and went  looking for her, I heard a muffled response to my call when I went in the study. Couldn't believe she could be in the files, but I opened the drawer and there she was.


Petunia was probably just spooked by the stranger in the house and is doing that cat thing of trying to freak her caretaker out. I don't say "owner" because let's face it, we all know who owns who in these relationships.


Excuse me, now I have to answer to my overlords and put supper on the floor.

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My cat, Melvin will come running when I shake a bag of his treats...he is always hungry...give it a try...

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I agree with others, she'll come out when she's ****** good and ready, LOL!


I had a monkey when I was younger, who loved to hide on the curtain rod in the LR and surprise guests, LOL!


It was a real zoo around my house, thanks to me, LOL!

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The little pill showed up finally.  Came sashshaying down the stairs after several hours.


Me:  Where have you been?


P:  Yawning, I was napping, why are you mad?


Me:  I'm not mad, I was worried. I couldn't find you.


P:   Why were you looking for me, did you buy me a new toy?


Me:  No, you have plenty of toys.


P:  I'm hungry, where's my supper?  As she turned, tail in the air and moseyed off. I guess I got told.

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Over the weekend my 2 y/o, girl cat hid on me twice!  Once under a piece of furniture that another Male one use to hid.  Found her so moved one of the old men out of that room!

Next day, she got under the bedspread and the cat protector and snuggled up next to a pillow.  She usually jumps from her window seat to my bed and makes a mess.  So when I saw this mess, never thought until 2 house tours later, looking for all 3 of them, there she was.


The young one has claws and the two old males don't have front so when I leave them make sure I separate them!  It is like getting ready to go out with children, always plan extra time.🐈🐈🐈


Hope you find her soon!  Be interesting if she "tells" you were she was!



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It’s a worry you don’t need right now.


I’ve had success with putting out some tuna.  She’ll smell that yum yum and come out.


Good luck!

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@CrazyKittyLvr2  I know that you were frantic and I am so glad that Petunia finally showed up, even if it was on her terms.  I have found that opening a can of cat food will bring mine running, no matter where they are in the house or if they are sleeping.

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Hi Retired Legal - 

I'm LATE to this thread....







I though you lost her outside or something.

I frantically scrolled through till I read you found her - or rather that she found you after her nap and acted as though - she was expecting a toy - acted like a cat!


WHEW - I'm so relieved. 


THAT CAT MADE ME PANIC, and she's NOT EVEN MINE, how dare she! *wink*

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@CrazyKittyLvr2  I loved your little Me and P story.  Brightened up my day.