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Fun and games for my little guy....I have to wrestle with him while he scoots under the sheets!

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Yes this is me when I change the sheets.

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These cartoons are clearly done by someone owned by a cat (or cats).


I often wonder what it is that cats find so fascinating about bed linen being changed!  Perhaps they just want to be part of any action going on.  Smiley Happy

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Lol! So true!

I always tried to find a time when she was sound asleep on the couch and change them as fast as I could!😄

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Absolutely true 🤣🤣

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I try and make sure my 3 are not in the bedroom then go in and close the door so they can't do that. Doesn't always work out for me as one can be hiding in there somewhere.

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Almost everytime! 

Thanks for posting my morning laughs!

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Hahahaha.  Thought this only happened to me and one of my dogs, Snowball.  As if by magic he suddenly appears on the bed and would let me make it over him.  I now close the bedroom door when I need to get the bed made quick.  Love your funny posts Foxxe.