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How Do You Deal With The Grief?

My beloved Milo died tonight, and I feel this hole in my heart.  I am going back and forth between feeling numb and feeling the grief.  It hasn't fully registered that my little buddy is gone forever. 😢


What sort of things do you do to get yourself through the grieving period after you lose a furry family member?




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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

@mistriTsquirrel  So sorry!  My vet uses a cremation  company that has am obituary form you can fill out on things such as likes, dislikes, favorite food, toy, etc and they send a remembrance book mark and larger laminated plaque for the front of the urn.  He  encourages everyone to do this remembrance for healing.  I have several now and each one brings tears but over time it serves as a happy remembrance to see some of the little quirks about your sweet ones life that maybe you would have forgotten.  Don't try to stiffle your emotions.  

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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

@mistriTsquirrel , I lost my chocolate Lab in May.  The house seems empty without her.  I  made a memory garden for her with garden gifts from friends.  We are lucky enough to live on a lake.  I am a big gardener and Lily would follow me from garden bed to garden bed knowing at the end of the work, there would be a swim.

So sorry for your loss.  LM









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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

I feel your pain.  There's no easy answer.  That numbness and hole in your heart you feel is normal.  


I suggest you look up the Five Stages of Grief.  It will help you understand what you are going through.


WebMD is a good place to start.  It's for a loss of a person, but it applies to pets, too.  Read other websites on this subject that might help, as well.


One of the best things that helped me after a few weeks is to look for another buddy.  


I'll remember you in my prayers.  

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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

So sorry...there iis no easy way.....I still miss our little Holly..

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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

My heart goes out to you!  I sure know how you feel, as do many of us here who have lost one of our dear furry friends.  They are family members and so we grieve just the same.  I don't believe there is an easy way to get through this unfortunately.  Just allow yourself to remember all the joyful times even though it is tremendously painful right now.  It will slowly get easier to bear.  I found comfort going on line and reading many beautiful poems and tributes that others had written and I printed a lot of these and made a collection of them and put them with pictures in a little book.  My condolences to you! 

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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

@mistriTsquirrel  I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved fur baby Milo. Our furry kids leave their footprints on our hearts, and I have felt  that deep broken hearted pain. For myself it seems like time and the wonderful memories are what softens my grief.

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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

@mistriTsquirrel wrote:



I'm so sorry for your loss.


I finally adopted a dog at age 60 and have occasionally thought about how I'll handle it since he's almost 9. I dread it. My neighbor is an artist and painted a portrait of my dog so I'll always have his sweet little face. 



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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

I just give into the crying, until I come to terms with it. I'm so sorry for your loss.  I've grieved my pets sometimes more than a relative.  It's very deep. Sending gentle hugs.

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Re: How Do You Deal With The Grief?

@mistriTsquirrel    So very sorry for your loss.  


My husband and I have lost several pets during the course of our totally breaks your hear,t but you will recover.  We both cried the day we had her put down, and coming home from the vet, so very quiet in the house.

Evenually we were able to bring another pet into our home.


take care.