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Re: Hoo boy, kitten & crabby cat stare down.

I hpe your company distracts Petunia from pestering your adult kitty, but even if little P. persists, I doubt she's suicidal.  Her instincts will tell her she's getting close to crossing "the line", hopefully, and she'll back off.  I hear you on the vet bills!  My long-ago experience says that, if your older girl were going to try to kill the kitten, she would already have done so, and while she may never really love Petunia, she'll tolerate her so long as she doesn't lose out on resources like food and prime napping spots.  And who knows, some day you may find the pair of them cuddled up, with the older girl giving the kitten a good bath because she isn't washing behind her own ears properly.  Bless you for saving Petunia, I hope your feline family is happy and harmonious again very soon!

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Re: Hoo boy, kitten & crabby cat stare down.

LOL, don't mean to laugh, but we called the thunk on the head "binking" between our (former) two bengals.


It got so the younger seemed to understand when DH & I would warn him "Millie's gonna bink you if you keep it up".  He'd kinda sorta flatten his ears and squint when he heard the word "bink".


Millie was a retired breeder cat who had LOTS of experience with unruly youngsters.


I think some well-timed thumps will allow your two to understand each other in time.