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Henry has discovered this cozy spot on a bench in my office, which is also Henry's room with his tower and scratching post.



Day after day the whole day through, wherever my road inclined, four feet said 'I'm coming with you!' and trotted along behind. Kipling

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@Nicknack  Oh Henry, you look so sweet and comfy!

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It's nice to see Henry again.  He's a beautiful cat!

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Indeed, Henry does look quite cozy.

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What interesting markings! Is Henry an exotic shorthair?

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Aww  Henry you are so precious ❤️

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TOO CUTE!!!!!Smiley Happy

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Not only is Henry adorable but I like that stuffed bunny and the pillow.

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I am happy to see you posting pictures of your pets. Henry is quite the handsome boy. He looks like he is the King on his Throne. I hope Ava is doing well. Have a Happy New Year with your family.

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I’m so happy you posted a pic of Henry. I really missed him @NickNack   He is such a cutie.