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@Marp.  That is the harness that QVC sells.  I bought one to add to my Aussie's harness collection but have never used it.  He has a collection because, so far, he has managed to wiggle out of everyone I've bought.

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@Kachina624,  I was unaware that Q sold those harnesses.  You should give it a try.  Once properly in place I doubt even a cat could get out of it.  Well, maybe a cat.

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@on the bay 

There was an original vet check, but again the shelter labeled this dog unsociable and aggressive; they were afraid of him, because he has this weird nervous snarl, which he still has after all these years with us.  This dog has never shown aggression to us or anyone who has visited us; we have never heard him growl or seen him snap at anyone.  He avoids people, and isn't much of a guard dog as far as burglars, but let a cat or chicken step foot on this property and they're dead.  He hates cats.  

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Best wishes to you and your sweet pup! 


We had this exact same regimen earlier this year when one of our rescue pups was diagnosed with heartworm. He is a very high energy pup - a beagle mix- and we felt overwhelmed at the length of the treatment and the severity of activity restriction. 


Long story short, we got through it- and you will too! Our little guy did have to have a lot of crate time - but the crate was in the living room so he wasn't isolated. We did keep him on a short tie out in our back yard so he couldn't build up too much speed... and we still use it at night with him so he doesn't get into trouble with any critters! 


It was worth all the effort because he is such a darling funny dog. 

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Lots of dogs that are rescued from the South wind up being heartworm positive. We were surprised by our pup's diagnosis - but our vet told us that this is very common.