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I need a recommendation for something to prevent hairballs in cats.  Henry has started throwing them up just recently.  I remember years ago I gave my cats something like the Tomlyn Laxatone Hairball Remedy that they have on Chewy.  I would put it on my finger, and they would lick it off.  Is that still a good choice, or is something else better?

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I have had good luck with Dechra's Cat Lax with a cat who seems to have a fur-related cough, although he never seems to produce a hairball. I give him an inch-long strip on my finger twice a week and it keeps the cough at bay. I buy it on Amazon.


I haven't tried anything else because that works. Many years ago I used Petromalt, but I looked them up a few years back and read a lot of negative reviews on Amazon about reformulation, etc. Now I find that product being made by Sentry. Seems well liked.


Hopefully others can be more helpful. FYI, my cat had runny stools when I gave him Cat Lax more often than twice a week. The fun never stops at our house.

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Killa gets the lion cut shave every year right after Easter = No hairballs.


Plan B - Petromalt Hairball Remedy.

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@NickNack , 


I have always given my cats this. About 1/4 inch once a day. The flavor is salmon, and they lick it right off your finger. 



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Our vet always told us to use Vaseline.  Works every time!


 To stop your cat from getting hairballs, place a dab of Vaseline Jelly on top of one of the cat's paws. The cat will lick off the petroleum jelly, which lubricates her digestive track, allowing hairs to travel naturally out the proper end.

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I always mix high quality hard food that has hair ball control with other hard food and have that available for my cats.


I would never feed my cats petroleum jelly--instead I provide a small dab of butter for them to lick off if they are displaying hair ball problem symptoms.


Additionally I have purchased and used the Hair Ball control gel sold in tubes in pet stores.


Daily combing/brushing is always the best solution!

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Purina makes a very decent Hairball food product - the food aids the cat to avoid getting  sick from or having to choke up a hair ball.

I LOVE the Petroleum Jelly ON the PAW idea = excellent plan and it won't harm Henry.

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Because my cats are quite opinionated, I put butter on their whiskers and / or the top of their front paws.


Works fine, one less thing to purchase.


Feel better soon Henry.

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Firstly, continue to comb his coat. getting rid of the loose fur before Henry can lick and swallow it. That helped a lot with my boy cat. He was a short hair but he got more hairballs than my longhaired girl kitty.  The reason Petrolium is a base for so many hairball remadies is that it does Not break down going through the intestines.  It stays as sticky and thick as it is going in. Grabbing up that hair and helping to move it right along.  I was told years ago that butter and liquid oils are too thin to grab the hair in the intestine and just flow through or around it.  Temptations used to have a hairball treat that seemed to work but Sir Henry is not keen on treats so a laxatone type gel might be the way to go.  Hope he feels beter soon!


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Thank you everyone for your suggestions.  I am going to get him something.  I will admit that I've been neglecting Henry's coat.  I used to comb it two or three times a week.  When Frankie died I kind of fell apart and neglected his coat (but did not neglect giving him attention).  He has some knots now that I am working on as he will allow.  I've had to cut a few of them out.


@Mz iMac mentioned that she gives her cat a lion cut in the summer.  I've actually thought about doing that for Henry this one time to get me back on track with the combing/brushing his coat.  I have hesitated because I don't know how it will make him feel about himself.  Have any of you done that?

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