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How smart is your dog?  What are some of the things he or she does that blow you away?

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I have cats and not dogs

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I have pet dogs, cats, birds, and in the past, fish. I love all animals and think all animals have different abilities and intelligence levels.


My dogs know the sound of the UPS truck and start barking when they hear it driving down the street!  I always know when my QVC orders are on the way!

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I have had German Shepherds and Poodles, Standards and Toys. 


Poodles are very smart and easily trained.  I have been amazed at how they can learn their sits and stays in one session.  Also, their potty training. 


Some people are offended as if I'm bragging, "My dog is smarter than your dog", when I talk about the intelligence of Poodles, so I rarely do, but I'm breaking my own rule.  I first purchased one because I am allergic to dogs.  Much more so to cats.  


But their intelligence is not only about being easily trained.


I have seen them appear to be thinking about what to do next, then they'll go do it.  Mine are always looking for something to do, fortunately, they find it on their own when I am busy. 


They can learn a lot of words and what they mean...pretty much on their own.  They understand what I am saying.


I have seen them sit there while I was having a conversation with someone.  They move their heads back and forth towards the one talking with expressions on their faces appearing to understand.  It's been so obvious, people comment on it.  


Don't give them dog puzzles.  They ace them immediately, then tell you not to insult them ever again.


One of mine watches me wrap Christmas presents on the floor so closely, I said, "Well, you know how to do it now, why aren't you helping me. She is so curious and interested in everything.


At times, I think I have humans dressed in dog suits instead of dogs expecting them to begin speaking in English.  


There are many other examples, too many to note here.


The breeder of my Poodles said, "They are too smart for their own good."


German Shepherds are also very smart, easily trained, but a bit stubborn at times.  

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I have seen a significant variation in between multiple dogs of the same breed, as well.  My Terriers, of any particular breed, always "fail" the standard dog intelligence tests because those tests are often based on trainability and eagerness to please a person.  Terriers, barking cats that they are, take a look at what you are asking them to do and turn to you to say "And what's in this for ME?"  LOL! 


Right now I am living with one genius Manchester and a sweet but quintessential "dumb blonde" Scottie.  He's as sweet as the day is long, but a smarty-pants he's not.  The Manchester, otoh, came into the house in February, followed his new nephew the Scottie through the doggie doors the first time, and has never once soiled the indoors since then.  And he's got serious catarracts, too, so his vision is far from perfect, bless him.  My first Scottie, unlike my current boy, WAS a genius, she had a huge vocabulary for dozens of different toys and was trained up to the UD level in AKC obedience.  Even her drop on recall was perfect!  So the Terrier Tribe is trainable, you just need to use the right motivation, the yummier the better.  Woman Wink

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I totally agree on poodles being smart.   My maltipoo is smart as a whip.  I would swear he understands English.    He listens to what I say and reacts accordingly.   Easy to train.


My chiweenie has a heart of gold.   It is hard to completely speak on her intelligence level.   I think she is smart for sure but she is also stubborn and does things in her own sweet time,    She has a mind of her own.   

Brain size?  Hard to measure.

Heart size?   Big as their whole bodies.    Sweet, kind, and gentle.    They have my heart for sure.  

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We have two basset hounds.  I'm not sure how "smart" they are but the elder knows precisely when breakfast and dinner are and barks incessantly until she is fed.  You could set the clock by her!

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My dog makes me laugh.  He is a Jack Russell, Whippet, and Pointer mix.


I came home from work a few times to find the tv on.  I finally saw what was happening.  If I leave the remote on the ottoman, he will paw it to turn on the tv.


I trained him to wipe his feet when he comes inside.


He will hide behind a large tree so I can't see him when I call him inside.  He will occasionally peek around it and it cracks me up.


He will fake going potty thinking he'll get a treat.  I nipped that in the bud but he still tries.


He will tap me on the arm when he wants me to wake up in the mornings or wants my attention about something.


He will sass when he wants a treat and I don't give him one.  It's kind of funny how he talks to me because I can understand him.  It's like he's pointing a finger and giving me a what-for.









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I believe my late Lab, Maverick was the most intelligent and amazingly understanding...i think he actually read my mind.  One of many things he used to do was, when we would lay on my bed at night to watch t.v, I would say, Mav, your big head is blocking my remote...and he would immediately move over Lol.  Miss him soooo much!






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While we currently have cats, we have any many dogs in the past.


Shortly after we got married we got a mixed breed, I believe she had some German Shepard.  Very sweet dog.  When DD was a baby and I was outside with her that dog would get between her and anyone coming near our yard.


We had a Bassett and then a Bassett/Springer mix.  They were both wonderful dogs, loved everyone, but they were both dumb as boxes of hair.  For a treat they would have showed a burgler where the silver was and helped carry it out.


My son had an Australian Shepard.  He was a complete chicken.  He would bark like crazy at someone in the driveway while he was running under the porch.