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Re: HELP or Suggestions....Cat box smell🤭🤭🤭 and it's clean!!!!!

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I have 8 indoor cats (and 2 dogs) and I never smell anything unless one of them takes a very smelly poop and doesn't cover it well with the litter.


I prefer Tidy Cats and recently changed to the lightweight Tidy Cats.  Perhaps what you are smelling is the littler you have thrown away and haven't taken it to the outside garbage cans yet.  I clean the litter boxes at least 3 times a day but only take my garbage out once a day.  So, I have a system for keeping the used litter from smelling up the house.  I use a rectangular plastic box ....a grocery plastic bag should be able to hang from the top.  In the plastic box I have one grocery plastic bag and then I put in a Glad or Hefty smell proof kitchen bag and then I put in another grocery plastic bag...this is the one I put the used litter in.  When I clean a litter box I put the used litter in the plastic bag (which I have stretched to the storage box top 4 corners).  Then I tie the plastic bag once and put in the litter scoop and then take the Glad kitchen bag and just twist it up.  I then put the storage top back on and it doesn't smell at all.  Once a day I take the grocery plastic bag to the outside garbage can and just replace it with a new bag.  About every week or so I will replace all 3 bags as smells can linger.


I also use an aerosol orange spray that smells great and removes any poop or urine smell.


You could also try a diaper disposal system if you want to spend the money.


All of my friends say they can't believe I have 8 cats so I guess my system is working well for me.  Good Luck.  I hope you find something that works for you.

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Re: HELP or Suggestions....Cat box smell🤭🤭🤭 and it's clean!!!!!

I purchased the petsafe scoopfree ultra automatic litter box less than a week ago.  My cat took to ir right away and there is no smell at all.