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Just wondering if anyone has a guinea pigs as a pet.  We are considering getting one and have been reading/researching about them.


Some websites say to get at least 2 as they are social creatures; there are others who say not to because they will fight one another, so we're quite confused.  We definitely don't want a male and a female as we don't want them to breed. 


It's just my DH and me at home and have no other pets.


Thanks for any advice.

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Pretty sure that @mistriTsquirrel does; hope she replies.

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I have had guinea pigs. The last time I had two females and they traveled with me to school. They were friendly and would chatter away. They learned what time of day that treats came out and would let you know of you forgot. They are messier that something small like a hamster but they seemed to have more personality.


Mine did not fight. I wonder if two males would would fight when they became adults. I am not sure.


The kids loved ot when they would squeak at them when they came in the class.



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I have two boars (males) and have had guinea pigs for a number of years now.  I definitley recommend getting two (or more) if you can.  They are very social.  Yes, it is possible they may not get along but the key is making sure they have a lot of space.  If you have been researching, you probably already know that standard store bought cages are generally way too small.  C&C cages are the best. Depending on if you get them together or not, there are ways to make sure they are introduced to have a positive outcome. I did have two that landed up hating each other but they shared a split cage for the remainder of their lives and chatted with each other every day.


If you are just starting out, I'd be happy to give you a list of websites and social media pages to check out that are very informative and may help you decide.


They are great pets, but do require a decent amount of care. But don't let that discourage you, they are very sweet and (I think!) worth it.  I don't know where you live, but please consider adopting and check for cavy savvy vets in your area so you are prepared if they get sick.  Most regular vets don't know how to treat them.  My final two boys are nearing the end of their years and I think I'll retire myself from being a piggie mom after they go, but I don't regret them at all.



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The humane society where I live has guinea pigs for adoption.  There are also some guinea pig rescue organizations.  I would look into one or both of those options to find out about behavior, care, etc.   

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They are sweet pets!  I've had several over the years and I just adore them.  They form very strong bonds and do better as pairs.  If you have a single you will need to spend lots and lots of time with him/her.  They need interaction.  If you adopt from a rescue they often have pairs that are already bonded which is great, and they are always spayed/neutered already.  I will also add that the typical cage you get at pets stores are not large enough.  They love room to roam around.  Try an x pen and they love fleece material in their spaces. is a great resource for all advice on keeping piggies.

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@HisElk --I just recently purchased our family's third guinea pig.  The first we had was a male and we had him a little over 3 years and he passed away.  He was very social and liked to play.  His name was Marshmallow (my daughter picked it).  He would squeak when he'd hear a fod bag opening. It was only him.  We didn't want to get a couple because they make babies frequently. He was little when we first got him and he grew rather quickly.

Guinea pig #2 was a female who my son named Caramel.  She was rather boring early on.  No squeaking.  Not very social. After having such a lively first pig, we were somehwat let down.  Then, as she got older, she started to squeak too.  She liked being picked up and held.  She would sometimes just run around her cage round and round.  I guess that was her way of getting exercise.  She loved eating Timothy Hay.  We also had her about 3 years and she passed away too.  She had grown some, but was not as big as our previous male.

We have now had guinea pig #3 a little over a week.  We got another male.  This one is a long haired pig which is not what we had the previous two times.According to the pet store, he was about 3 months old when we got him.  My daughter has named him Blackberry.

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@HisElk  ... my brother has Guinea Pigs.  He always has at least 2 as they are very social animals.  They normally get along pretty well.  But sometimes one will try to exert dominance over the others.  If you do get them get all females or all males.  If not, you will have a lot of Guinea Pigs within a relatively short period of time!  Woman LOL

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Re: Guinea Pigs

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I want to thank each and every one of you who posted on this thread; I have learned alot.


I have located 2 brothers at our local animal shelter that I'm hoping to adopt.  I submitted the application so keep your fingers crossed.


I've also found a veterinarian that works where I previously too our other pets who cares for guinea pigs, so that's not a concern.


Thanks again for taking the time to write/post.


Edited to add:  I would've  notified each of you in my post, but I have read and know that the notifications feature is not working.