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My cat suddenly passed away from heart issues..this is just 6 months after her sister died suddenly the same way.  My heart is broken.  I am in a state of disbelief..I keep expecting to wake from this nightmare and have it all be back to normal.  Please--any advice on grieving for all of your pets at once?  The house feels so quiet.  And I can't get the vision of her small still body out of my mind..

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I am so sorry.  I lost my two dogs and one cat, all within 14 months. All I can say is that it takes time. I don't know how long it took for me not to drive staight home from work so I could walk the dogs. Remember them for all the love and good times they gave to you.

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@srgtdj, I'm so sorry for your loss.  What a shock for you to have to go through.  Sending gentle hugs. 

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@srgtdj I wish I could come give you a great big hug. My heart is heavy with grief. Lost a kitty 10 days ago. I know how you feel. It hurts. Time, ever so slowly, heals. But we never really get over it, just learn to get through it. Hold your memories close, they hurt now, but they will soon turn to something that you cherish. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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@KitTkat and @srgtdj, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved kitties.  All I can say is that when I have lost a darling kitty, my heart is truly broken.  But in some strange way, the need of some little one is always shown to me.  Even when I have not been ready.  I will never forget a pet who has crossed over, but taking in a kitty needing a good home helps.

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I am so sorry for your losses. We love our fur babies so much, even though we know we will grieve. All the joyful times with them make for sweet memories down the road. I’ve been through this and I know how painful it is. May you find peace.

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This is the hardest thing to do.  Lost my 3 original babies after 16-17 yrs, all within 10 months and 2 of them had sudden cardiac problems as the cause.  My vet said that cats in particular hold on and act like everything is 'as usual' until they fall off the cliff.  They are gone.  My shih tzu did the same thing. I was stunned and my grieving was continuous.  Don't "expect" your grief to be like anyone else's.  everyone grieves in their own way.  Just allow yourself to feel it and try hard to remember why you loved them so much. They would not want you to be so sad, they brought you so much joy in life. But you have to feel your own feelings. We love them as a family member and have to grieve them as the same.  Please be good to yourself and be gentle with yourself.  It is the worst pain.  So sorry for your loss.


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My heart goes out to you both for the loss of your kitties.  It's not easy, but please stay strong.  I hope you can find peace within.  


Maybe some day, you'll consider visiting a shelter to see if a possible new pet member to your home is a possibility.  


Cherish the memories.  I still have very good memories of my 1st two kitties to this day & the love I still have for them.  Sending you hugs & just remember your kitties felt the love and care you had for them.  Feel comfort knowing that.

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@srgtdj  I am so very sorry for your loss.  I lost two dogs fairly close together one time, and it was so hard.  There's nothing I can really tell you to help.  It just takes time.  It's so hard to lose our precious pets.

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 I have been there several times, so, I know how you feel.