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Greyhound adoption

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I am considering doing this and would appreciate any opinions of those who have done it. Pros and cons maybe. This would be my first dog and I am thinking about it. TIA

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Re: Greyhound adoption

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My girlfriend adopted 2 Greyhounds. One at a time.


She had a large fenced in back yard and they used every inch of it. She also had quite an assortment of winter coats for them. Not sure where she got them. But they were nice lined wool coats. Not sure where you live. We live in Pennsylvania.


She really enjoyed them. That is why she got a second Greyhound after the first one passed away.

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@wakefield64   I worked in U.K. and in AZ rescuing Greyhounds.  They are beautiful, kind, loving animals.  All they want is kindness, very soft beds and NO racing!


Our first two were rescued in U.K. and they travelled the world with us their final days here in U.S.  We have one female now she ran her last race in Tucson where we worked to close the racetrack.  See is very gentle, loves her home and some days dies nit want to walk!


If you get them ‘off the track’ and they have not been fostered we had to teach ours to go up and down stairs, what the t.v. was as most if them have never been in a home but they adapt beautifully. 


The rescue society should help you with all questions.  We have always only had small backyards but our Greys very happy to be walked, and after a while we were able to take them to dog parks.  


We we do have coats for them as they do feel the cold but our male dog would never walk with his coat on we believe he thought he was going to have to race when we put it on abd he hated wearing.  Sorry to go on hit me up with any questions.


 Having had all kinds of dogs all my life I can honestly say these dogs are the easiest and most loving and unfortunately the majority of them are abused that is why I work to close dog racing tracks.  Good luck hope it works for you.  Let me know.



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I love greyhounds but don't have one.  All I know about them is that are big couch potatoes and many need to be in a cat-free home.  Good Luck! 

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My 2 adopted greyhounds were the BEST dogs I ever had.  The BEST.  They do not need a lot of space even though they are big dogs.  They are totally sweet in disposition..very very loving.  MIne wanted to be at my feet, followed me from room to room, wanted to just hang out with me.  They are super smart.  We'd go for a nice walk in the morning and evening since I had a super small yard living in CA.    If I had a chance right now I'd get 2 more.  You absolutely will not regret greyhounds.  

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@dulwich Agree with everything you stated.  One of mine never really liked the stairs so he was mostly a downstairs dog.  The other would climb stairs but she liked to stay with her brother.  But like you I have had many dogs over the years.  My adopted greys were the best of them all---so so easy.

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*Super long story ahead*


My husband and I adopted a greyhound almost 10 years ago.  It had been something we wanted to do since we first got married.


We had a small dog at the time and knew that most greyhounds were not good with cats or small dogs.  We had asked for a small female since our dog was only 15 lbs (you were allowed to request a preference on gender and size).  We went through the adoption process and ended up being given an 85 lb MALE.  He was the exact opposite of what we were looking for, but we were assured that he would be good with our dog.  They did bring him to our home for a "meet and greet," which went well, however, that was only for a few minutes.  We did agree to adopt him (he was stunning and seemed sweet). 


Things went along pretty well for a while, with only minor problems here and there, but he did have separation anxiety and would tear our house apart whenever we left.  He also had a TREMENDOUS amount of energy and needed to be walked for long periods of time at least 3x a day.  I was out there in ALL of the elements EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.  It took a huge toll on us, but we did it because we loved him.


We LOVED the greyhound community and took part in many meet and greet events at various festivals, malls, adoption events, etc.  We met so many wonderful people and really felt that we were a part of something great (which we were!).  It was all volunteer work and we loved every minute of it.


However, things took a turn for the worse.  A few months after adopting him, I came home from work to find my little guy acting funny.  It took me a few minutes to realize that he had a HUGE gash in his side.  The greyhound had apparently attacked him at some point in the day.  I rushed him to the emergency vet, where he had to have surgery and stitches.  I can't remember the exact cost, but it was well over $2,000.


We called the greyhound organization and told them what happened. They came over to "assess" the situation.  The owner was very kind and assured us that the greyhound really loved the little guy and if he wanted to kill him that day, then he would have.  We were sick over it, but we kept him.  It was against our better judgment.


We ended up gating our entire home to keep the two dogs separated.  We lived like prisoners.  They seemed to get along fine when we were home, but we couldn't take the chance with our little guy.  Things had become very difficult and we felt trapped. I literally prayed for things to get better because I knew we wouldn't be able to keep things up this way.


After a few more months of living that way, things became clear.  The two dogs were standing by the front door, waiting for my husband to come home from work, when the big guy just turned to the litttle guy, picked him up in his mouth and started tearing into him and shaking him.  This happened for no reason, right in front of my eyes.  I had never been so scared in my entire life. I screamed, grabbed my little guy, and locked the both of us in my bedroom.  I called my husband first and then the greyhound organization.  We had to send him back.


We have NEVER had to return a dog before and we felt SICK about it and I cried for days.  We loved that dog, but things had become too dangerous and too unpredictable.  Our little guy was our first priority and that's the way it had to be. We felt better knowing that the greyhound organization had a policy that they take the dogs back if it doesn't work out.  He would not be going into a shelter or anything like that.  He ended up living with the owner, who had about 8 greyhounds of her own.  We knew he was happy and well cared for.


My husband and I felt somewhat "duped" by this woman.  We had asked for a small dog and got a huge one instead.  She convinced us to keep him after he attacked our small dog the first time and we agreed to live a life that was unfair to everyone (human and animal).  We later found out that the greyhound we had adopted was adopted and returned by another family because he was out of control and couldn't be trusted.  How thoughtful of them to be so honest...


After all of this craziness, would we still adopt a greyhound?  The answer is YES.  These dogs are beautiful animals who are so deserving of a loving home and stable life.  We believe in the cause whole heartedly.  If we ever tried to do it again, it would be when we are retired, without young children, and without any other pets.


I also recommend that you hold fast to your request for the kind of dog you want.  I'm not talking about colors or anything like that.  I am talking about size, energy level, and personality.  Remember, the priority of the people in the organization is the DOG.  You must think of YOURSELF and your lifestyle and living situation.  That's when you will find the right match.


I don't often tell this story, but since you asked, I told.  I wish you the best of luck and hope you find what you are looking for.

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A dear friend had a Florida rescue several years ago and enjoyed her couch potatoe doggie very much.

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Re: Greyhound adoption

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@wakefield64  I do not have greyhounds, but my neighbor has done rescue for years and generally has three in her home at any one time.  We adopted my neighbor's mother's dog, a pug mix (Happy), almost 10 years ago, and we took her because she could not be around the greys.  They tried to attack her. 


Here is what I do know:  they need a nice-sized fenced yard; they like to be walked and then spend most of the day on the sofa; my neighbor generally muzzles them when she is not home and sometimes when they are in the yard, because they eat everything (might just be the ones that she ends up with); they like car rides; they are very affectionate toward their owners.


If you are getting a grey and especially if this is your first dog, work with a grey rescue with experienced grey handlers as you will need guidance.  Good luck!

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Re: Greyhound adoption

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Just do it!  Dogs keep us moving and make life better!  I don’t have a greyhound but but I do have Rescue.  Greyhounds have the sweetest faces, and I understand they are a wonderful breed!  It does sound like due to their instincts, they should not be with small dogs- 

The love will come back to you many times over!  Keep us posted!!  👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😁😁