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My 18-year-old kitty, Missy, had her check up yesterday and she's doing great, especially considering her age. Her innards are good and she's even maintaining her weight at 10 lbs. (My vet has told us that with older cats like Missy, they want them to NOT lose weight.)

It's hard to believe that she's been with us only 18 months. I hope she feels she's part of a family that loves her and takes care of her.

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@GoneButNotForgotten  That is Wonderful news!  {{{{{Missy}}}}}

It is also wonderful that you gave an older kitty a great home!!! 👍 I'm sure she does know what a good family she has. Hope you have many more great years together! 

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Thta's great news. I bet she thinks she's in hog heaven with such a great family to love her. Good for you.

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MAZEL - congrats to her for a terrific check up and a hug and big thank you for you  - taking in an older animal.


I love to see beauty like this, kind of you to give her a great home.