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Goodbye sweet Kitters

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Sadly I had to say goodbye to dear Kitters last evening.  She was a rescue kitty with asthma that we could never get completely under control.  We had a very warm, rainy early fall that quickly transitioned to a snowy, cold late fall.  It did not help her condition and her breathing quickly deteriorated.


I adopted Kitters and her sister Missy 3 1/2 years ago.  They were 8 years old and in poor health.  I had less than six months with Missy before she was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor.  When I met them in their humane society condo, Missy was very depressed and sat facing the corner of the room.  Kitters, on the other hand, gave me a hello meow and jumped down from the cat tree to bring me a toy to play.  Her favorite toy at home is a flat, furry Rosie Rat.  More than play with Rosie, Kitters liked to groom her.  Poor Rosie is laying there this morning with her fur licked every different direction.


I hope that Missy met Kitters and they are playing and resting, not fighting.  (They were the two bossiest sisters I have ever met.)  Kitters Marie is shown below.  Such a lovely girl.  Also, Kitters had a curlicue tail that I could never photograph other than sticking out of her burrow bed.  LOLKitters7.jpg



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Kitters was beautiful.  I'm so sorry for your loss @lynne6was7 .

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So very sorry for your loss of your beautiful Kitters.  I'm sure she is now playing around with her sister, Missy, enjoying life across the Rainbow Bridge while lovingly watching over you and Rosie and sending you both hugs and kisses.


Though nothing can abate your aching heart,  your pain reflects the love you have for each other.  Wait for Kitters's signs as she is with you.Heart

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Sending hugs as you say goodbye

to Kitters ... and one day may wonderful

memories warm your heart. @lynne6was7 


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@lynne6was7   Oh my, that is so sad. Please accept my deepest sympathy on your loss of sweet Kitters.  She looks just like my sister's sweet girl, Pebbles.  You are a dear person for taking in those two girls.  Heart 

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I feel I know Kitters from your wonderful description!  And I know you as a Cat Mom extraordinaire, bringing these kitties with sometimes difficult conditions into your home and certainly into your heart.


It hurts, plain and simple, to lose them.  Yet you must know deep inside that you did everything to help her and that she had a good quality of life--because you love her, and always will.


And she knew your love, no doubt about it.  It beams through her sparkling eyes right back to the photographer. Heart






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So sorry...

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Thank you all for your kind words.  Here's another photo of Kitters with Rosie Rat at her feet.



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I have tears in my eyes and am so sorry for your loss.  Thank you for adopting those senior sisters.  It broke my heart to read that the one sister sat facing the wall in the shelter.  I hope you will find comfort knowing that you gave them a loving home.  I have been a cat Mom for decades and know how great cats are and how hard it is to lose one.  Take care.  Heart

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I am so very, very sorry that Kitters has crossed the Bridge!  Prayers are being said for your broken heart!